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   JUNE 22, 2014 EDITION
  JOINT SECURITY PLAN to secure 47 vital public and private installations in Negros Oriental is being signed by Army 302nd Brigade Cmdr Col Allan Martin and PNP PD/Sr Supt Mariano Natuel Jr and flanked by their co-officers and informan Maj Cris Gargar.  

Army-PNP secure 47 installations


The combined military forces of the army and police in Negros Oriental, are anticipating a backlash of terrorist activities following the declaration of Negros Oriental as conflict manageable and development ready province.

This prompted several local officials to react saying that the military should not have made such declaration publicly because it will only provoke the enemy of the State to refute such declaration anytime.

Army and PNP top officials led by the 302nd Brigade led by Col Allan Martin and PNP director P/ SrSupt Mariano Natuel Jr admitted in a joint memorandum signed Tuesday that:

“Although the CCP/ NPA/NDF has been relegated to inconsequential level, they are still very capable of conducting terroristic activities in the urban, and rural public and private installations in various possible forms such as:

“Bombings, sabotage, extortion, and arson” in at least 47 specifically identified possible targets in Negros Oriental 25 of whom are government installations and 22 big private installations mostly of public utilities.

Launched into operation is the provincial joint AFP PNP Security Plan whose details were kept under wraps.




Before you make mis-conceptions, the drug trade among certain doctors at the provincial hospital is legitimate and is about their medicine they prescribe for very poor patients to buy outside the hospital pharmacy because government-owned NOPH usually lacks the supply.

Here is the problem:

The provincial government allocates P12Million annually for medicines and operation for the provincial hospital. The NOPH earns about P95-million annually from other revenues, rooms, operating room expenses and other diagnostic examinations including the sophisticated MRIs, the only one in the province and thanks to the late Gov Dodo Macias.

There is also this report that private medical practitioners from other hospitals are no longer welcome at NOPH because their own government residents will now take charge and of course including the professional fees. Are government doctors charging professional fees?

(We will also discuss the very high professional fees (compared to Cebu), among local private practitioners in coming editions.)

According to NOPH insiders and some doctors, the governor’s office or board members PDAF, donate from P2000 up, (in chits, not cash) to poor constituents who need medicine. When they present the prescription to the NOPH pharmacy, many drugs prescribed are not available. Why?

The patients are usually advised to buy these personally at one of the eight private drugs stores proliferating in front of the NOPH.

Where the poor patients will get the money is their problem. So where is the genuine help here?



LIKE young neophytes who haVE just tasted their first major international crisis we criticize the leadership of this country the Philppines for not exercising genuine sovereignty in the contested islands of the south china sea.

As a result, China who is the bigger bully and wealthier country has been ignoring Philippine claims over the Spratleys, and instead has done positive physical claim and occupancy, and presence in other contested islands of the south China sea, virtually ignoring the claims of smaller nations like ours, and Vietnam, because China knows only too well that our Filipino leadership does not have the political will, nor the means to exercise genuine sovereignty. We are not poor but a lot of our money went to other pockets so we could not even develop one island in the Spratleys. Very embarrassing.

International law demands that when a country claims an island territory, it must not only rely on historical claims, but must PHYSCIALLY occupy such land and exercise physical actual sovereignty otherwise, international law will recognize only those who are physically present in the islands claimed.

The Philippines may have legitimate claims over the Spratleys but if we do not exercise physical occupation and presence, then others who will do it might be the one recognized by the whole world. And woe to those who just talk and talk.

Also, in this dog eat dog race, we should no longer expect China to get out of those islands which they have alalready started to exercise physical and actual occupancy or sovereignty.

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"God calls. Search Him. Because God hides. His most precious treasurers are behind your trials."

Dear Editor

As a first-time visitor to Dumaguete, I found your city very charming: beautiful natural surroundings, and friendly and hospitable people.

The only negative experience I had in Dumaguete was the shockingly high level of noise pollution in the city, particularly from motorcycles with modified mufflers. All my other tourist friends feel the same way.


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