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   JUNE 23, 2013 EDITION
  Virgo M murders: several angles. Police probers are pursuing several angles in the murder of
used-car dealer manager Allan Esmero Laurente, 43, of Virgo Motors of Sibulan in a morning ambush Sunday, June 16, while biking in Camanjac, Dumaguete.

NORSU president assures capitol
of full-dress probe


The president of the Negros Oriental State University , the biggest school in Negros Oriental with a population of 21,000 , has assured the provincial Sanggunian
lawmakers that in two weeks, he will make a report as to the accountability of the estimated P21-million college fund which is now being questioned by several stakeholders notably parents and students alike.

In a CHRONICLE interview, Dr Don Vicente Real, NORSU president, said that he has ordered a full-dress investigation on the reported non-accountability of some of the college fund of NORSU in which its 21,000 student population from all the nine campuses all over the province, contribute between P1,300 to P700 or an average of P1000 per year for various student activities. This can reach P21-million he admitted.



Comelec regulations are not mere niceties

If the Comelec is imposing strict sanctions against those who mis-declare their income and expenses during the last elections, it is with a reason. The bottomline reason is to institute electoral reforms.

We agreee, and it should also be good for Comelec, too, meaning that they too, must institute administrative reforms within themselves , not just the candidates, so as to institute measures that will tend to arrive at that objective: clean, honest and credible elections in the future, both mid-year and presidential elections, oppss… including barangay elections this October.

Many of those who have not complied with say the Comelec regulations are just legal niceties . Here comes this new proposed P1000-a-day fine for those who have failed to comply with, and until they comply. Oppositors say this was not in the old rules. Imposing this now is considered an ex post facto requirement which is unconstitutional.



Everybody is pleased with the announcement of Foreign Affairs Sec. Alberto del Rosario of the opening of a new consular office in Dumaguete, something that was unimaginable in the past but has now become a reality.

The opening of the consular office in Dumaguete this August , is a manifestation that Dumaguete is not only a hub of an international community but a strategic location for foreign service, more strategic than Bacolod.

Why August? It will be timely since Silliman University main campus will be hosting the 2013 International TIPON, the world-wide annual homecoming festival of Sillimanians all over the world. It is held in other countries usually. Last year TIPON was held in Anchorage, Alaska. This year, around 3000 Silliman Alumni all over the world will converge in Dumaguete for the annual Silliman TIPON homecoming.

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