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   JUNE 24, 2012 EDITION

Getting a mayor's permit for Lotto business among l5 operators is mandatory, not ministerial. Above, people despite losses continue to buy lotto tikets. Hope springs eternal?



City government officials led by Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria has denied the City is tolerating l5 lotto operators running their businesses without mayor’s permit. The city leadership explained that maximum tolerance has been extended to these operators, who have, from the start, signified their intentions to abide by Ordinance No. 4, which requires all Lotto outlets to secure a mayor’s permit.

In fact, Task Force Sagarr ground commander City Administrator William Ablong has confirmed City Hall has issued a notice of closure for no less than 15 lotto outlets operating in Dumaguete City without a mayor’s permit.




The illegal numbers game of suertres and ukay-ukay have some things in common: they are basically illegal, but the latter is paying taxes while the former is not. People patronize them because they give great service to their customers and that their prices are relatively cheap.

Ukay-ukay is the re-sale of used clothings, and they usually come from abroad as donations, but they are re-sold here, which is basically not what it is intended for. The taxes paid are as cargoes, not as clothings.




We are for the abolition of non-functional barrio schools, not only in Negros Oriental, but in the entire country, because they are NPA’s or non-performing assets of the government, where funds are just wasted and students doomed to failure and dropouts are assured for the future.

This, we want to convey to Education Sec. Brother Armin Luistro, who, by now, should know that opening substandard, dilapidated, equipment-less classrooms is next to useless and wasting taxpayers’ money. It does not answer the need to education at all.

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"Generosity in the face of poverty is more generous when given with a cheerful heart."


The environment, which is God's creation, should, during the celebration of Environment Month, include strong discussions about the direct relationship between the Environment and God, the Creator Himself.

Why should people of faith care about the environment?

In every faith tradition, the Earth is sacred because God created it. God's first commandment was that we be stewards of creation. We are called to care for the Earth so that it can be passed on, intact, to future generations.


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