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  Tricycle blockade at Capitol/Degamo holed inside. FOR ONE WEEK NOW AND 24/7 these die-hard PISTON tricycle drivers group headed by Ed Lazaro are blocking the capitol building entrance apparently not knowing that anyone who violates the rule of law and order will be held in contempt if not for humanitarian reasons. The supporters dine eat and sleep in the same area while Gov. Degamo is holed in the governor’s office. They said they will leave only when Degamo is safe from physical threats.  
  JUNE 26, 2016 EDITION  

      Degamo granted TRO-ante by C.A.    

The Court of Appeals Special Fifth Division in Manila, at the close of office hours Thursday has granted Gov. Roel Degamo a Temporary Restraining Order TRO-Ante for 60 days, setting aside the Joint Resolution of the Ombudsman dismissing Degamo for graft and grave misconduct.

A TRO-Ante from the second highest court of the land, virtually directs everyone to step aside, and restore the status quo, just like before (ante) as if there was yet no order from the Ombudsman. This would virtually put Degamo back in office until the long legal battle will last.

Technically, the TRO is to last for 60 days, then on July 12, at 2PM, the Court of Appeals will hear the case “on the propriety of the issuance of the Writ of Preliminary Injunction,” set for Oral Arguments at the Paras Hall, 2nd floor at Ma. Orosa St. Ermita Manila.

The Case is docketed as CA GR SpNo.146151 with Gov. Degamo as petitioner and the Ombudsman, the DILG and June Gaudan as respondents...




What is the difference in Gov Degamo’s using P480Million in calamity fund and Pres PNOy Aquino’s (mis)use of P144-Billion in DAP funds or the Disbursement Acceleration Fund?

Big difference and big similarities.

Firstly, both are executive officers, authorized to disburse big funds.

Second, the calamity fund which Gov Degamo insisted in using was constitutional and legal funds. While the DAP funds used or mis-used by Pres . Aquino (by his order and approval ) was unconstitutional and illegal said the Supreme Court in finality.

Third, while Degamo disbursed legal funds , he was dismissed because of his act of “defiance.” But for PNOy, his act of disbursing P144-BILLION in DAP funds was declared ILLEGAL. In a similar vein, will PNoy not also be sacked and be held liable after his term expires on June 30? —like what happened to Degamo?

Legal circles should consider playing with this legal ballgame because surely these will be one for the books again.

In fact PNoy is ready with his legal defense by saying “ the DAP which diverted government savings to other projects not included in the General Appropriations Act—to boost economic growth—— benefited all Filipinos. How can that be wrong? These were also practiced by my predecessors.”




There is a new way of perpetuating oneself in elective public office, and that is by getting one’s term legally interrupted before it expires.

This was displayed effectively when Negros Oriental Gov Roel Degamo was dismissed by the Ombudsman for alleged graft and grave misconduct concerning P480Million in calamity fund from the office of the President, intended for victims of Typhoon Sendong and its infra damages three years ago.

The money was ordered recalled because of technicalities, but Degamo did not return the money, instead used it for the typhoon rehabilitation and victims. For this he was sacked by the Ombudsman.



Persevere in hardships,
and righteous discipline then peace will come. (Herb 12:4)


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