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  Senate Blue Ribbon chair TG Guingona and former mayor of Dumaguete City, Atty. Felipe Remollo at CROSS TALK over BAI RADIO would not even confirm who the LP choice will be for president. But the LP has no other choice but Roxas. Yet a PNoy vice president with Roxas could spell the difference.  
  JUNE 28, 2015 EDITION  

      LP NegOr heads for major split?    

There is a big possibility that the Liberal Party echelon in Negros Oriental may be headed to a major split should the incumbent governor decide to join and be accepted by the administration party.

The meeting of Blue Ribbon Committee chair Sen. TG Guingona with the Governor, the support of Degamo to the Negros Region of Mar Roxas, and his perceived desire to join the LP according to former Dumaguete City mayor Felipe Remollo are more than bold sign languages that tend to show that Degamo is headed to join the Liberals.

Certainly the old LP guards will not take it sitting down, headed by their woman head Josy Sy-Limkaichong in the north who is the local party titular head. This was also confirmed by Remollo who told the CHRONCLE that he has relinquished his LP leadership in the province to Limkaichong.

But Remollo has brought Senator Guingona to a meeting with Degamo who reportedly joined their fellowship with the Remollo clan and the Bais groups of TATA and Karen Villanueva.

Many times, Remollo met with Degamo which means that LP stalwarts are talking secretly with Degamo, analysts opine...



It is always this animal called “due process” that will delay the disposition of multibillion peso PDAF plunder cases, so delayed that the next NEW president will take over and might give them (again) the traditional pardon and there goes your daang matuwid, na daan na gyud, nabahaw pa, wala nay lami! (straight path, worn-out, has last its appeal, stale).

Thus, much anticipated and deliberate delays in the plunder cases now pending before the Sandiganbayan could be the monumental , yet convenient excuse to drag the cases beyond 2016 so much so that we will never know the thinking of the next president, whether he will be sympathetic to his friends who might be among those accused of plunder. See? We told ya, nobody’s going to jail.

Sayang, (what a waste). We can see how PNoy has pushed for their indictment, but beyond that, after 2016, PNoy might just be the one who will be facing a similar case once his immunity shall have expired after his term shall be over. His efforts to rid this government of the corrupt plunderers might just be in vain.

What we are almost sure is that the next president will not be as tough as PNoy in going after corrupt officials.



There is now a new trend among hold-uppers in holding-up at gunpoint this time, no longer hapless motorists, but helpless public school teachers who are held-up in broad daylight while holding classes in areas far from the immediate response of local police.

In the past week, two public school teachers were victimized by hold-uppers, first in Bio-os, Amlan and then Dunggoan, Manjuyod. Both are located along the national highway up north.

The modus operandi is the same so that authorities at PNP headquarters led byP/SSupt Dionardo Carlos opine that this is being operated by a syndicate who are in transit from one place to another.

Division Supt of Schools Dr Salustiano Jimenez issued a provincewide memo to all division schools to be on alert against intruders who simply barge into the school premises in the guise of being parents or guests, only to swipe at helpless teachers mostly female.

What is to be done?

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New Diocesan assignment

The new vicars forane are: Rev. Fr. Edgardo Mariño (Vicariate of St. Thomas); Rev. Msgr. Ramon Duran (Vicariate of St. Simon the Zealot);, Rev. Fr. Antonio Magalso (St. Philip); Rev. Msgr. Marino Ybo (St. Peter): Rev. Msgr. Julius Perpetuo...

I do not believe it. Someone came to me the other day and reported what they said was a scam being run by a local hospital. I just have a hard time believing this hospital would put the lives of their patients at risk...

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