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   JUNE 30, 2013 EDITION
  Today: one more time. REELECTED leaders together with 227 others will take their oaths by noontime today . Photo above were taken during their historic oathtaking in 2010. LR: Gov-elect Roel Degamo, Reelected Rep George Arnaiz, Reelected Rep Pryde Henry Teves, and Reelelcted City Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria. The city officials will take their oaths after the 10am mass today at the DCCCO hall while the provincial officials will hold their’s 1pm today at the provincial convention center.  

Elected dads assume today

At high noon today, two hundred twenty-seven (227) newly elected and re-elected city, municipal and provincial officials shall assume and serve their new terms of office, which will end on June 30, 2016 while those who failed in their election bids or reached the term limits will gracefully step aside.

Those who will serve the mandates given to them in the last May 13, 2013 elections include Governor Roel Degamo, Vice-Governor Mark Macias, Congressmen Manuel Iway (1st District), George Arnaiz (2nd), Pryde Henry Teves (3rd), 10 Provincial Board Members, 25 mayors, vice-mayors and councilors of the 25 cities and municipalities.

By noon today, at the provincial convention center, Degamo shall take his oath of office for full three-year-term, along with VG Macias and the rest of the invited newly-elected officials at the provincial convention center. Executive Judge Fe Lualhati Bustamante shall serve as the administering officer. Regardless of their party affiliations, the 10 members of the Provincial Board will be attending.



Reaping the consequence and cost of urbanization

Firstly, congratulations to the new judges who were just appointed by President Aquino: Atty Ma Corzon Gadugdug, clerk of court of Branch 33, appointed Judge of MTCC Branch I of Dumaguete; Atty. Leah Villarubia, clerk of court RTC Branch 36, appointed Judge MCTC for Pamplona, Amlan and San Jose and Atty Katrina Gonzales, legal officer of Valencia, now Judge MCTC Bindoy and Ayungon. All are Silliman College of Law alumni.
May your tribe increase!

Definitely Dumaguete needs one more super mall as big if not bigger than Robinsons. On weekends like this, you can hardly get a parking space because most people rich and poor have learned to go malling instead of going to the beach. Both are cool places, if they want to beat the heat.

Dumaguete is fast getting very urbanized. People now learn to eat outside, to fast foods and ala cart restos. It is fun, and it saves on kasambahay costs plus plus. Too many fast laundry shops, also saves on Kasambahay expense. Soon there will be no more maids, only chamber maids and butlers. Osyosoha.




The upsurge of lawlessness these days in Dumaguete, it would seem, tends to dislodge our reputation as a city of gentle people.

We may hate to admit it, but Dumaguete, under the present resurgence of the wave of impunity and lawlessness, is no longer a city of gentle people. The sooner we admit it, the sooner we may be able to restore its serene and rustic grandeur which has lured so many people and cultures in the past , to this side of the world.

Just after the May elections, the sudden rise of criminality with impunity, extrajudicial killings, robbery and the resumption of the illegal drug trade, illegal gambling, have shocked not a few but the entire community.

To all the duly reelected and newly elected leaders of Dumaguete, the city we all love so well, we now ask you and your entire caboodle of law enforcers: WHAT IS HAPPENING TO DUMAGUETE AGAIN, MR MAYOR? Under whose command responsibility do all these fall?


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