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  Environmental Protection forum. Sec. NERIC Acosta, of PNoy?s cabinet circle, (2nd from right) flanked by FU executives Pres. Mira Sinco and son Dean Victor G. Sinco and at left Karen Villanueva of Bais city who is running for the second district congressional elections.  
  MARCH 01, 2015 EDITION  

      Budget vetoed; override looms    

Without any assurance if his decision will prevail, Governor Roel Degamo interposed veto on four line items embodied in the P 1.7 billion 2015 annual budget of the province for being “ultra vires or contrary to law, or pertinent rules and regulations.” The Governor transmitted his veto message, Thursday, prompting some key members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan to meet in an emergency meeting Friday afternoon to study the arguments raised, legal grounds cited and implications for the partial veto. Critics of the administration are marshalling the numbers to override the veto of the Governor....



We are sure many families do not know this: no matter how small your properties are, you as owner, should plan and prepare how it will be disposed of before the Creator calls you back to where you of belong.

If the owner does not prepare, the poor heirs will be surprised that one day the BIR will just confiscate your properties because of failure to pay your Estate tax which is 20% of your property’s value. Year upon year of failure, the penalties will mount, one day, your liabilities will be bigger than the value of your properties which you worked hard to acquire. (They have agents snooping at funeral parlors.)

Being the absolute owner of your properties, you have the right to dispose of them to people who deserve, but , read the law first, or consult a lawyer (who does not abandon you), because there is a mandated manner and proportion of division of real and personal properties.



Twenty nine years after EDSA 1 people’s revolution in 1986, our country is again at a crossroads of determining our direction as a nation and much to our dislike, talks of people’s revolt are again in the air at least in imperial Manila as called by the so-called national transition council.

Just because our government leadership failed in the Mamasapano massacre of 44 commandos does not mean that we have to change presidents. What good will a new one do under the same system? Let us rather put onhold all Bangsamoro law discussions, and focus on sustainable solutions. We must first know what to do before moving on.

Today, the dictator Marcos’ son, now a senator, heads the Senate committee discussing the Bangsamoro Basic Law. In Malacanang, the son of the EDSA heroes, Cory and Ninoy Aquino is now President. Sen. Bongbong Marcos we want to believe would want to make a clean name of himself and erase the stigma of the Marcos name.

"Face the reality
of the present; don’t
escape to the memories
of the past."


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Buffalo Soldiers?

Last Wednesday, February 25 we commemorated the first People Power Revolution that happened exactly 29 years ago, seemingly remote for those who had not experienced it, but quite too soon for those whose memories of those years may still be fresh in their minds and hearts. It would be well for our young people to get an inkling of...
Hero or Heroes?

For Mrs Chang and her husband, it was a beautiful romantic vacation on the paradise island of Pom-Pom. The hotel accommodations were first class and the beaches were ideal. SUDDENLY this tropical paradise turned into a living violent hell. The Abu Sayyaf murdered her husband...

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