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   MARCH 02, 2014 EDITION
  Bishop Cortes,Mayor Sagarbarria, Ed Bullecer and Col Natuel PD, rally for peace and harmony in the fight against all forms of criminality in the city. The province have taken the challenge to do positive efforts to stop the killings in the city streets and battle illegal drug trafficking and illegal suertres. (Photo by Bonnie Rey)  

People's anger raged at caravan


People of Dumaguete led by city Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria expressed anger and indignation last Tuesday about the rash of killings in this so-called city of gentle people even as he denounced the presence of hired criminal migrants who are mostly the perpetrators of those dastardly murders in the city streets.

Sagarbarria made an impassioned appeal for citizens’ cooperation during Tuesday’s Caravan for Life initiated by the Diocese of Dumaguete and held at the Macias sports center. Mayor Sagar urged the people to report the presence of criminals and crimes as they happen or is about to happen because city law enforcers are so few compared to rising city population.

Citing statistics, he said this capital city has a night-population of l50,000 while it doubles during the daytime to 300,000. These are mostly students who come and go home at night to their towns, patients of all hospitals and clients of 33 commercial banks.

Matching with the number of policemen, the ratio is so small with only 40 policemen on duty every eight-hour shift and who now work 12 hours a day, just to heighten their watch against criminals lurking in the city streets.



High ethical standards expected
of broadcasters

The local practitioners in the broadcast industry in Dumaguete and the province were reminded once more by their more senior members and colleagues in the industry coming from bigger metro Cebu, stating that there is no substitute for high ethical standards and professionalism in the performance of the broacasters’ profession.

Relating the Cebu experience of growing to broadcast-maturity in handling news and commentaries, the former Cebu KBP chairmanLeo Lastimosa ,manager of ABS-CBN’s DYAB Cebu said that Cebu media had also their share of growing pains in the past.

There are triple the number of broadcast and TV stations in Cebu and triple the number of newspapers. The role of the standards authority officer is very crucial, Lastimosa said, because the SA is the one who reminds erring broadcasters to toe the line.

He admitted that comparing Dumaguete media with that of Cebu,” wala ra kono sa kamayingking ang Dumaguete” in terms of how critical, brutal, and unethical are some Cebu broadcasters.

He complimented that unlike in Cebu, the Dumaguete Press-Radio Club has its own press club building where lectures on professionalism in the industry are being conducted.



Two more victims of murderous shootings fell upon hapless victims in Dumaguete after the PNP had earlier confirmed the fourth victim within this year in city of gentle people. Some Gentle people are just killed by hired assassins from other provinces for a measly. How sad.

And what extra efforts are our authorities extending to protect its -own citizens from migrant-hired murderers? More policemen (who are also mostly migrants), deploy 80 or so cellphones for more informants to the mayor to report any crime; more motorcycles many donated by private firms; what else? Have they reduced the killings? Maybe. But the fact remains that in just the first two months of this year, six have already been killed, the two latest, just last Wednesday.

Reasons advanced: nobody can prevent a determined assassin; the police cannot be in all places all the time; we need more citizens who will quickly report crimes as it happens; no witnesses to testify; we have poor forensic capabilities and no DNA capability at all; there are just too many people and strangers in our growing city. What else?

The police too have families. They cannot afford to risk their necks on determined assassins by engaging them head on; there are just too many poor people who will accept a few thousand pesos for a contract.

So what will this community do?

The entire Diocese of Dumaguete headed by Bishop Julito Cortes is spearheading a Caravan for Life. Some 10,000 strong are expected here on Tuesday to join the prayer for LIFE, its preservation; and protection. The Diocese of the Laity and the clergy will gather their flock the Macias Sports Complex to pray for peace. This is the best option where no man can overcome this spiritual warfare.

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