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   MARCH 03, 2013 EDITION
  U.S. -PH ARMY ASSISTANCE FOR NEGOR. Plane loads of boxes of medicine, food and construction items were flown by U.S. troops with assistance from the 302nd bridgade for typhoon, landslides and earthquake victims of Negros Oriental. (By F. Baesa)  

Bets air distrust on PCOS count

Several national and party list candidates have expressed their doubts and distrust over the accuracy of the automated election machines called PCOS fearing that its results might not refelect the true will of the people.

Kasangga Party-list first nominee and Silliman University Board of Trustees Chair Professor Leonor “Lingling” Briones expressed her anxiety over the alleged highly questionable counting and results of the first automated elections using the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines in the 2010 presidential elections.

Former Governor Jose “Petit” Baldado has long been suspicious of the results of the 2010 election. He feared that while the traditional means of padding and shaving of votes may have ceased in 2010 this was possibly replaced with erring technicians of the PCOS suppliers selling the compact flash (CF) cards to the highest bidders to manipulate the results in favor of certain candidates or political party.



Unimaginable specter of corruption
going on inside "daang matuwid.

It is good enough that we have conscientious government auditors whose job is to spot irregularities in government spending among government agencies while giving recommendations on how to rectify such anomalous transactions.

But it is equally bad enough that such government auditors are simply there to “find financial faults” and issue recommendations , but— it does not at all times, pursue the consequent cases against those who maliciously squander taxpayers money.

COA is a toothless tiger. Nevertheless it is always the scapegoat and fear of government spenders “lest COA disallows this spending.” But we still have to see COA records showing how much government grafters have reimbursed its coffers for all those disallowed and anomalous financial transactions.



The resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, who stepped down effective at 8pm Feb. 28 (7pm GMT), made him the first pontiff to resign in 600years. This rare vacancy (by resignation) in the Papacy happens once in a lifetime. This may have left the world’s 1.2 billion Roman Catholics leaderless – but not for very long.

That is because starting March 1, the Interregnum –the process of choosing his successor begins and as many of the 208 cardinals who can make the journey will be expected to travel to the Vatican to help run the church in the absence of a pope.
The college of cardinals:

Although all members of the college of cardinals are entitled to have their say in the general congregations, only 115 cardinal electors – those cardinals aged under 80 – have the final vote in conclave on who will be the next pope. Those above 80 cannot vote.

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