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  Militant groups identified from the left shouted their indignation against the current President and their opposition to the proposed One Negros Island Region during a march, Friday.  
  MARCH 08, 2015 EDITION  

      BMs reject Gov’s veto, suits eyed    

More than two-thirds of the members of the Sanggunian Panlalawigan voted to override the veto of Governor Roel Degamo on two items while they opted not to take action on two other vetoed item but allegedly non-existing items in the annual budget. In a radio interview, a visibly upset Degamo hinted that he might take the matter to court. If pursued, this would be the first time a Governor has taken the Sangguniang Panlalawigan to court over intense differences in priorities for the province...



The Food and Drug administration is implementing an order by the Court of Ap peals that all food supplements, its manufacturers and distributors should stop using the phrase “No Approved Therapeutic Claims” pribted in food supplement bottles, but instead put in all food supplements the wordings “ Mahalagang Paala ala: And prdouctong ito ay hindi gamut, at hindi dapat gamiting panggamot sa anumang uri ng sakit. Translation: Kining productoha, dili tambal, ug dili pagagamiton nga tambal sa bisan unsang sakit.

Translation: “This is not a medicininal drug, and should not be used to treat the symptoms of any disease.”

We have a comment on the FDA order:

Fist, why are food supplements required to issue this negative disclaimer in violation of the constitutional right of expression? Why are they not given the freedom to choose their slogans, on how to express it, provided it has the same tenor as the court of Appeals order? And why for instance are there no such announcements posted on bottles of vitamins when vitamins and food supplements have the same purpose: that is to prevent sickness, to build up the immune system, in line with the caution saying that an “ounch of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Is that objectionable?



The biggest provincial budget of P1.3billion for this province is much too politicized. On one hand, the Governor’s camp and the other, the majority opposition in the provincial board.

As to the P1.3Billion provincial budget, what are some of the political movements so as to halt them from tinkering and “cripple” other politicians who most likely might be using (in a legal way) a big chunk of the budget in next year’s elections?

These are: the reduction of the budgets for 5 new dump trucks at a ridiculous price of P5M each down to P3M per truck that’s ten million saved (from possible corruption by whom?

Regarding the non-allotment of P10M intelligence fund sought by the Governor, the opposition-led provincial board said it is already covered by the needs of the peace and order budget; imagine this sum of P10M if approved, can be withdrawn by the Governor anytime near 2016 and he is accountable only to Manila COA , who is known to be very late in yearlong audits for intel funds.

"A hypocrite should
return to and glorify
God, not just get out
of trouble."



Congressman and professional boxer Manny Pacquiao brought the name of the Philippines to a great popularity all over the world. In view of this, he deserves exceptional privileges and treatment by our countrymen.

Senator Pimentel’s latest idea about Pacquiao’s U.S.A income from boxing to be exempted from Philippine Taxation is noble and a great encouragement to our famous ring fighter...

I like the articles of Dr. Angel V. Somera that you publish every week. And I want to make some comments on the one of Feb. 8, by way of clarification.

This article is about Pedophilia. As an introductory article it is naturally very general. The clarifications I would like to add are these: a pedophile is generally understood as someone (adult male!) who sexually abuses children / minors. These are permanent element of society and they are about 2- 3% of the population. These are really addicts. And unlike other addicts, e.g. alcohol and/or drugs, pedophilia addiction is incurable. These people have to be kept at a safe distance from children...

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