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   MARCH 09, 2014 EDITION
  AN IMPASSIONED APPEAL FOR CITIZENS TO REPORT EVERY CRIME is being called by Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria before a crowd of 5000 people during the recent caravan for life. He also announced his private number that can be called 24/7 for anyone who wished to report a crime.  

P25M "too small?"

The city government has responded with a firm resolve to fight criminality which is fast rising in the city by lining up options from short to long term, and by allocating P25M initially for this purpose.

The City Council on Monday, has approved a P25 million appropriation for the enhancement and strengthening of the peace and order situation in Dumaguete City after a series of shooting incidents that has claimed the lives of at least eight (8) victims from January to February this year.

But experts’ opinion say that P25M is too small to fight a big problem and mostly unseen enemies of the State. In Davao which has been made a big brother’s” model in anti crime has created a separate division for crime detection and prevention and has instaslled 400 CCTV high end cameras to boost the city surveillance against criminals who are mostly migrants from other provinces.

Authored by Councilor Jose Victor Imbo, the ordinance seeks to institute mechanisms to effectively combat crimes and other nefarious activities being done in the city.

Present during the special session on Monday were representatives from the Development Bank of the Philippines, who are in support of the project by offering a window for this peace initiative and that a large amount of money is available, depending on the capacity of the city to pay.

The P25 million allocation is divided into six, P15million of which goes to the acquisition of Close Circuit Television System (CCTV) cameras to be installed in five drug infested barangays of the poblacoin, namely, Calindagan, Tinago, Looc, Cadawinonan, and Poblacion 2.



With political will, Police can do better despite opn. handicap

With the assumption of the new provincial commander of the PNP, PSr Supt NatuelJr, the police seems to have tried to make an impression by downing two known drug suspects.

One as you know, blasted himself with his own hand grenade which exploded in the suspect’s own room; and the other, the brother of a city councilor who was shot by the police in the leg to maim him as he allegedly tried to avoid the service of warrant.

Why is the governor not happy that the PNP hierarchy sent a new OIC for the provincial PNP commander. Gov would have wanted his townmate for that post. Obviously the PNP totem pole did not want a cousin of the governor to be at the PNP helm for obvious reasons. Need they say more?

This ballgame of Filipino style of governance is all about whom you know, as if you don’t know. So the heavier are your contacts among who is who, the better in both ways, either the better to be on the side of the law, or outside of the law.

Look at the arrest of another plunder-like suspect Dante Lee who apparently hoodwinked the Pagibig coffers big time in billions. He almost got off the hook after two years in hiding. Somebody big wanted his arrest order quashed, but because of timely media exposure, the scheme was aborted. Nobody would want to play hero for him because media had already exposed the scheme. That ‘s what media is for.

It might well be good for our city officials to visit and observe how Davao city handles crime surges. A determined leader,and a well-equipped and well-motivated police force, is he key to effective crime busting. Our reported went with a group of LGUs to observe Davao’s anti crime program and by their report, Davao gave its all to fight crime.



With the apparent crime surge that Dumaguete City is fighting to stop, this city should exert more efforts to learn from the masters of anti -crime specifically those in Davao City. Some say it is ruled by a Verdugo but perhaps that is what Dumaguete needs, also firm leaders but benevolent at the same time.

One of our reporters joined a team of LGUs who visited Davao City to observe how their anti-crime system works.

Among the prominent facilities of Davao City in fighting crime is a sophisticated CCTV network of 400 cameras distributed in strategic high posts in its 180 barangays. Our reporter who was part of the observation team in Davao said that their cameras can zoom into plate numbers and name plates of people so much so that there are less traffic cops. Traffic violations are noted on CCTV cameras and collected at the LTO thus minimizing kotong or corruption in the streets.

The Davao’s sophisticated CCTV system maintains a record of city violators so much so that it is not difficult anymore to find suspects of crimes because their cameras can capture even the act of committing a crime. Before a thief escapes, a policeman is already ahead waiting for him to make the arrest and the thief is still gathering the stolen items.

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