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   MARCH 10, 2013 EDITION
  If the Supreme Court upholds the right of the church to display oversized posters in its buildings, then how many other candidates will follow in other churches, and soon, church buildings will become full of oversized posters.  

Diocese mulls own team "buhay" posters

If the Supreme Court will decide to make permanent its temporary restraining order, various dioceses, including the Dumaguete Diocese, might be inclined to put up the controversial team buhay/patay tarpaulin posters in their own premises.

But being discreet about it, the local diocese intends to comply with Comelec poster sizes rather than violate it.

There are 50 parishes belonging to the Diocese of Dumaguete, which are also inclined to put up the controversial Team Buhay/Team Patay tarpaulins to replicate the example of the neighboring Bacolod Diocese.

Diocesan Administrator Monsignor Gamaliel Tulabing said that he already secured the support of the Board of Consultors, the body which runs the diocese’s day-to-day operations, pending the elevation of a new Bishop, “to support what he claims is a lay-initiated expression of continued vigilance against the Reproductive Health Law.”



Elections: Church vs State? Is RH law a major issue?

It looks like the Constitutional theory of separation of Church and State is now becoming muddled by the mid-year elections in May, just like the separation of the Executive and Legislative branches from national down to local councils, which is also becoming intertwined with each other because of politics.

It would be a very interesting school of thought to learn whether or not the oversized posters in certain Catholic church buildings are considered violations of the Comelec rule on posters.

First, the question asked should be: Are those giant posters in church buildings, which separate the candidates who are pro and anti-RH law, considered election posters? If so, as apparently they indirectly are, then, who is the candidate that should be held responsible?

The next question is: Is not the church premises a private property? Therefore, doesn’t the private property owner have the right to hang anything in his building, like an expression of his own sentiments?



It is a sign of political maturity when two different cultures are able to work and cooperate with each other like a family of nations. However, when two different cultures , and worse the same cultures fight, it is at the height of political immaturity.
We are talking of the on going Operation Pacific Angel, an exemplary civic cooperation between East and West, where American and Filipino army soldiers work together to improve the living conditions of the community here in Negros Oriental.

On the other hand, we have the Sabah stand off down south in Malaysia wherein two similar cultures fight it out in bloody combat to both preserve , and the other , reclaim a small portion of some proprietary land of Sabah.

We can never settle disputes by bloody combat. This is reminiscent of the Spartans and the Nomads who kill to claim ancestral lands. Not anymore in this 21st century. Yet they are doing it. Why?

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"Injustice anywhere
can be a threat to justice everywhere."


Stem Cell Therapy is the latest development in the medical world, which has been a very hot topic for years. The church, and at the same time, pro-life activists, are against this despite the many wonders it does to humans.

It holds the key to reverse the effects of aging and can definitely prolong lives through introducing adult stem cell/s into damaged tissue/s, and at the same time, cure diseases. This is why the rich and famous are so interested. You see, whether we like it or not, we are just so afraid to see our bodies decline and age. We have always wanted to be younger looking, and since it was introduced, people can’t get over it and they have longed to experience it.


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