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  MUNICIPAL MAYORS giving full support towards TESDA’s various income generating projects where 2,590 graduates received their certificates of completion, which will qualify them to initiate their own livelihoods, with the seed capital and basic tools and equipment given free by TESDA. LR: Vice Gov Mark Macias , Mayors Bentham dela Cruz, Maning Diputado, Manuel Sagarbarria, Vicente Yap, Felix Sy and Mercy Goñi of Bais city.  
  MARCH 22, 2015 EDITION  

      Governor takes VG, BMs to court    

For the first time in the province’s history, a governor has taken the Sanggunian Panlalawigan to court so that the legislators will be legally compelled to restore and approve the controversial appropria tions that they found prudent to delete from the 2015 annual budget.

In his petition for a writ of mandamus, Governor Roel Degamo named as respondents, Vice-Governor Edward Mark Macias, Sangguniang Panlalawigan members Jessica Jane J. Villanueva, Melliemoore M. Saycon, Clayborne Clyde L. Lim, Edmund F. Dy, Liga ng mga Barangay President Arnolfo Teves Jr., Ma. Antonia E. Villegas, Georgita F. Martinez, Peve O. Ligan, Rommel Erames and Philippine Councilors League President Chester V. Lim. The Governor alleges that “their collusive act of deleting the item on intelligence expense under the budget of the Governor’s Office in the amount of P 10 milion is highly irregular, illegal and prejudicial to the best interest of the service.”

The Governor asserts that the grant of confidential/ intelligence fund is automatic pursuant to DILG MC No 99-65 and 99-100, which is computed at “30% of the total annual amount allocated for peace and order efforts or three percent (3%) of the total annual appropriations, whichever is lower.”Degamo is also asking the court to declare as illegal, null and void the respondents’ act of deleting the item on Outreach Program Medical/Surgical Mission under Peace and Order Initiative...



Instead of President Aquino saying : the buck stops here, he was passing the buck to a field commander of the SAF 44, General Getulio Napeñas.

This did not seem to do well with the leadership of the president as commander in chief, nor did his blaming the poor field commander for the whole mess, do well with the Filipino Nation.

Not one sector sided with the president’s preemption of the report of the Board of Inquiry tasked to ferret out the truth about the massacre of 44 police commandos. In short, what the president did, with all due respect, was counterproductive. He should have waited for the official BOI report, if at all, the President trusts his military and police. But in preempting the report of his own men, Aquino displayed an element of distrust, and it was nothing but a big insult to the president’s own men whom the commander in chief cannot even trust.

For most people, they believe the president committed a tactical error in preempting the BOI report. And with the BOI requesting for a few more days after the president’s statement looks like and smells like whitewash, translation: itago ang kamatuoran. We believe this has serious consequences on the Filipino people. Instead of the apparent silence after the storm, it could just be after all , a lull before a bigger storm. And this time, we can say it was provoked by Malacanang, even if it was not intended.



Intelligence reports say that more and more lawless elements are seeking refuge and hiding in safe houses in the thick of the geothermal forests up in the mountains of Valencia.

They live “robin hood style lives” giving “aid” to the poor, stealing cattles and pigs, feeding these to the poor, by way of building confidence so people will form human shields for these criminal suspects.

Starting up in Malaunay, up to its neighboring villages, criminal suspects, those with warrants of arrests, and simple robbers and bandits fully armed and dangerous, now number no less than 40, report say.

Unless they are nipped in the bud by a major police operation by the PNP headquarters if not by the Army’s 302nd Brigade, they could form alliances with the remnants of the rebel movement and might resurrect the band of robbers in the guise of insurgency. Later they avail of the amnesty and go scot free.

"We are the
products of our past,
but we don’t have to be
its prisoners."



Congressman and professional boxer Manny Pacquiao brought the name of the Philippines to a great popularity all over the world. In view of this, he deserves exceptional privileges and treatment by our countrymen.

Senator Pimentel’s latest idea about Pacquiao’s U.S.A income from boxing to be exempted from Philippine Taxation is noble and a great encouragement to our famous ring fighter...

I like the articles of Dr. Angel V. Somera that you publish every week. And I want to make some comments on the one of Feb. 8, by way of clarification.

This article is about Pedophilia. As an introductory article it is naturally very general. The clarifications I would like to add are these: a pedophile is generally understood as someone (adult male!) who sexually abuses children / minors. These are permanent element of society and they are about 2- 3% of the population. These are really addicts. And unlike other addicts, e.g. alcohol and/or drugs, pedophilia addiction is incurable. These people have to be kept at a safe distance from children...

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Dialogue of Life

"The problems of Mindanao should be confined to Mindanao only. People from other parts of the country, whether in Luzon, the Visayas or elsewhere, should not meddle in the goings-on in Mindanao. Mindanao belongs to those who live in Mindanao. No one can understand Mindanao except Mindanaoans themselves.”...

A local radio personality blatantly threatened “all foreign ers” riding loud motorcycles. Using racist terms he said, “You will be cut”. Shortly thereafter, foreigners on motorcycles were ambushed and injured. I can not establish cause and effect but the coincidence of these events occurring...

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