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   MARCH 16, 2014 EDITION
  Two active rebel combatants have surrendered to the governor at the capitol to tell their sad tales of running, hiding and endless pursuit with mostly empty stomachs and empty promises of their recruiters. Photo by Jenny Deciar  

Mayors realign forces for 2016

Although the next election is still 26 months away, several mayors have already manifested their political inclinations as to who they would support for Governor.

But nothing is final since most mayors just want to get as much projects from capitol fundings without political strings attached.

The expected battle royale is between the incumbent Gov. Roel Degamo and the last-termer congressman and returning-for-governor George Arnaiz.

However, a possibility of a third force emerging is not a remote possibility since the two protagonists are implicated in the legal squabbles as those linked to the P 480-million calamity fund and the so-called infamous multi million fertilizer scam.
Should any of the protagonists somehow gets entangled in the issue, the third force, is ready to take over as a worthy alternative.

A quick survey by the CHRONICLE as of March would indicate possible inclinations of the following mayors in the first to the third districts. Such perceived affiliations could change anytime in 26 months.
For Degamo?

With still26 months away, among the mayors who publicly manifested or at least showed sympathy to the incumbent are: Vallehermoso’s Joniper Villegas; Ayungon’s Edsel Enardecido; Canlaon City Jimmy Clerigo; the Tuandas Mayor Hazel and Vice-Mayor Dodoy of Jimalalud; Neil Credo of Dauin; Kit Marc Adanza of Zamboanguita and Basay Beda Canamaque.
For Arnaiz?



A third force for the right moment?

The 2016 elections may be two years away, but if you look deeper, most if not all the actions of our political leaders are now geared towards that end, whatever their ambitions are for 2016, the more for national leaders.

In the case of the governorship, the periscopes are seemingly directed at reelectonist governor Degamo, and governor-returnee and last termer congressman George Arnaiz. But for all we know, a third force may just be waiting in the sidelines just in case anything crops up on the one-on-one battle royale.

Strategically, it’s a battle between the old and new school of politics. Old school means, organization, chain of command, top to bottom. The new school mostly of the un-schooled, is bottoms up, meaning, no clear organization, just go direct to the people and voters, by-pass the chain of command. The latter has proven effective in the last elections.

Degamo was the underdog, he did not have a single mayor, how much more barangay captain, he had the least funding (sure ka?) yet he won by a landslide. Why? Because he had no chain of leaders, so he went directly to the people. Maybe the P400 per voter budget of the two richer bets did not reach the people. Maybe only P50. But the other side went to the people and so their P200 went to the right person and so the vote went to the man.

Please don’t let that day come when the budget per voter would reach P5000 as in Dipolog and Siquijor daw. Donno.
But remember, whether you like it or not, people will vote for the money not for the person during an election. Aside from being desperately poor, we donno why all values are lost. Just listen to the now polluted airlanes.

Ah, the third force. Remember the main protagonists have their respective swords of Damocles over their heads. One has the controversial P980M calamity fund mess, which COA disallowed yet already spent half of it. They know where they got the money. One probable cause filed by the Ombudsman will probably cause his suspension from the race, or just timely for the polls. Remember Gwen Garcia?



It is embarrassing for the Philippines to offer our substandard military bases for use by the United States military when in 1992, this country by a Senate vote, opted to close the two biggest US military facilities in Subic and Clark because of growing communist influence in Luzon.

Now they want the US back, because of the Chinese threat. We simply cannot foresee beyond our horizons, just like many policymakers in Dumaguete cannot foresee what is beyond the boulevard’s horizon. None of these would have happened if the U.S. was not driven out from the Philippines, but at the expense of our sovereignty not to mention U.S. personnels’ abuses.

Thanks to our crab mentality and culture that we easily succumb to whoever gives us the greatest pressure at a given moment. This is not to exclude political interests, and self serving ambitions of our leaders.

No more U.S. bases in the Philippines, BUT —the catch is a new agreement on the table , seeking to allow U.S. troops and military to use, squat, if not lease Philippine military bases.

PNoy’s government is calling it an “Agreement on Enhanced Cooperation” most probably to be signed when Pres Obama visits Manila next month.

SENSITIVE is the matter of sovereignty in those bases. Hard to compromise is the Philippines’ desire to have control over the bases and have access to its facilities, which item, the U.S. does not agree with because they want to maintain secrecy in military operations.

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