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  HOLY WEEK. Triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem City is recalled today PALM SUNDAY, to wind up in grief on Good Friday unto the victory of Resurrection Sunday. Such is life, yet Good ultimately triumphs over evil.  
  MARCH 20, 2016 EDITION  

      Woody withdrawal in 2010 exposed    

A member of the city council intimated before the august body in session Wednesday that the withdrawal of an erstwhile winning mayoral bet in 2010 has displayed a betrayal of the trust reposed on him by his supporters.

This is because his supporters expected him to fight to the finish including the electoral protest which apparently found favor with the Comelec who ordered a recount of selected ballot boxes. But the councilman said, the mayoral bet withdrew his case from the Comelec, to the dismay of his supporters.


Independence of the Sangguniang Panlungsod (SP) in Dumaguete was already compromised on the day the presiding officer withdrew his electoral protest against the incumbent mayor in July 31, 2011, said incumbent city Councilor MannyArbon in a privilege speech during the regular session on Wednesday March 16.

Arbon said that even after the 2013 local elections up the present, Maquiling had missed to assert the independence of the city council against the over bearing influence of the executive because of what he described as a strange arrangements between...



Intensified information drive, pulong pulongs coupled with more intense mudslingings will ensue in the next 45 days as the formal start of the LOCAL political campaign starts this Good Friday but effectively they will rise to high gear starting Easter Sunday.

To some people it will be their final break to gloom or doom. The candidates have only two areas to go, up or down. We the voters are the king during the next 45 days. It is the only time when the voters will be right but when wrong, the voters are still right. But after elections, the reverse will generally be true.

BIGGER FAULT: lies in the voters. Buying votes takes two to tango. But the more clever part is for the voters to receive money from the candidates but VOTE upon the dictates of one’s conscience. DON’T EVER BELIEVE that the candidates can trace the vote of your own choice. They are bluffing and you will be stupid to call their bluff.

This Ipe-Woody-Chiquiting alliances are strange bedfellows. First, it was Woody-Ipe all the way from the start. It was even Woody who lobbied for the passage of Ipe’s Master Plan for Dumaguete. But Tuting did not implement the approved Master Plan for obvious reasons. Then Woody financed by Ipe, ran for mayor against Chiquiling. He led by 51 votes in the final count. Suddenly there was a change of weather It was Chiquiting who led over Woody. Woody protested, Comelec granted a recount, but Woody withdrew his protest.

Instead he went along with Chiquiting.



Its graduation week. And it is not usual because it is election season and on graduation week, and we know historically that many political candidates “invite themselves” to become graduation speakers if only to gain political mileage at the expense of the solemnity of the occasion.

Once again, the Department of Education and all of us taxpayers are appealing to graduations in all schools in all levels to please refrain from inviting political candidates as your graduation speaker.

Chances are, he or she will promise the moon and cannot fulfil it. So better refrain from inviting politicos as commencement speakers. Moreover, if they insist, then they should not be voted upon. They have nothing to say except empty promises. The bad part is: many people believe their false promises. Remember, a promise is not (yet) a lie, until unfulfilled.

We got a copy of a DepEd policy on graduation and we share with you its highlights, hoping you can show this to your principals and school heads:

Graduation is for all, students and parents alike who may not be political supporters, so candidates, keep off from being graduation speakers;

Alumni who are candidates should not be considered as commencement speakers so as to give political colour to the occasion;

Grade 10 students who will complete their junior high school will just attend moving up completion ceremonies instead of the usual graduation exercises to receive a high school certificate.


God uses sad and
bad events just to send
us blessings.



So how did Noah came to be admitted at the provincial jail? It was on November 08, 2014 at 5:00 p.m that the police admitted him to the prison. He was accused and found guilty of homicide. He was sentenced to serve for three (3) years and six (6) months in prison. As of this time, he has already served one (1) year and three (3) months and will be sent to the national penitentiary in Muntinlupa for the rest of his sentence. I told him that is already a short period of time and that he can manage the situation, to assure him. But along our discussion, I noticed that he was actually stronger that I thought. He wanted his children to visit him more often but he implied that he understood because of their studies. When asked about what he usually do first thing in the morning, he said that at 5:00 a.m., he always read the bible. At this point, I felt that his faith is much stronger than before. In prison, he surely became spiritual unlike most of us who very easily complain when faced with the free man’s problems like fare hike or traffic jam, no matter how small they may be. Well, we would rather be free but we sometimes fail to thank God for the freedom that we are enjoying. We should find God even in the happy times, right? We do not need to be in the dark to reach out to him up there.


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