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  NORSU FACULTY UNION: With Congressman George Arnaiz who administered the Oath of Office of the Faculty and Academic Staff Association/All NORSU Faculty Union (FASA - ANFU) in a simple ceremony held last March 13, at the Mayor’s Office and witnessed by Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria. The FASA/ANFU Officers: Marx Iturade (President),Maria Corzaon Mercado(Vice-President), Nova Ness Fabrienne Carin(Secretary General), Erlina Flores (Treasurer), Elicia Deguit Auditor,(PRO’s) Jose Rene Cepe and Jose Guiuan II. FASA - ANFU is the oldest faculty union in Negros Oriental State University. (PIO)  
  MARCH 22, 2015 EDITION  

      State University faculty unionize    

The president of the oldest faculty union of the Negros Oriental State University including the members have sought the assistance of a labor organization in filing a petition for certification election before the Bureau of Labor Relations (BLR) in Manila, after the expiration of the CBA between the NORSU and the other union which is the Negros Oriental State Univrsity Faculty Union (NORSUFA).

The Faculty and Staff Association-All NORSU Faculty Union (FASA-ANFU) headed by Marx Iturralde, an instructor 1 of the university disclosed, as teachers they have their limitations regarding processes to be observed in filing petitions for certification elections. According to Iturralde FASA-ANFU already has a working relationship with the Associated Labor Union-Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (ALU-TUCP) for the latter to extend their expertise on unionism and linkages on matters involving labor.

The BLR in Manila has recently issued a decision granting the petition of FASA-ANFU for a certification election the schedule of which is being worked out, with the Department of Labor (DOLE) in Region 7 to act as mediator. However, it is still waiting for the replacement of a facilitator in lieu of arbiter Atty Jose Ogang who has retired recently.

During the certification election, NORSU faculty and staff numbering about 311 throughout...



Why did the office of the President make PNoy believe that he is not covered by the doctrine of command responsibility when it is an old law, Executive Order 226 issued by another commander in chief himself named Fidel V Ramos in Feb 17, 1995?

Poor President Noy, he should have known better. But no worry, he cannot be impeached because he has too many supporters in the Lower House who owe him a lot of PDAFs. But they said, surely, dereliction of duty charges which caused the lives of 44 elite commandos will be charged upon him after 2016 when his term expires. That is , if the forgetful Filipinos do not fail to remember. We have such short memory.

They even forgot that another president Gloria Arroyo is now 4 years under detention and under United Nations Humanitrian law on political leaders, she ought to be released on house arrest like Myanmar’s Sui Chi. Why is it that ALL her co-accused on PSCO plunder are now released on bail, except GMA? Smells personal vindictiveness. Let us pray for GMA who is said to be physically deteriorating in the Vets’ hospital. Does PNoy ever pray for her?

The president’s drumbeaters again unwittingly embarrassed their boss because indeed a former president himself Fidel V. Ramos has revealed that he has passed into law by Executive Order no. 226 making heads of offices administratively liable to say the least if he is found guilty to have evaded to accept command responsibility on any policy being currently implemented or has failed to be implemented. In short, it is now official that in this country THE BUCK STOPS WITH THE PRESIDENT meaning, in the ultimate analysis, the president is responsible, and accountable for the lives of 44 elite commandos killed or massacred in Mamasapano on Jan 25.



So many angles have been spoken, written and even shown about the infamous Mamasapano massacre of 44 elite police commandos. There has been a lot of mention about the unseen hand of the Americans conceptualizing if not directing the “live” morning show in full view of Pentagon people, via drones and satellites.

But here is a view of a veteran of the U.S. army, a retired captain in the U.S. special forces who saw action in Vietnam and Granada . We would like to quote his reactions which we sought, and retired Army Capt James “Kojak” Hughs obliged the following:

“As a professional warrior with combat experience I can NOT understand the Philippines penchant for self-punishment. The President did his job. He gave qualified professionals ( Purisima was under graft charges NOT charges of military/ police incompetence) the job to arrest a known murdering terrorist. PRESIDENT DID HIS JOB.

“Could the operation have been done better? of course. It is easy to look back and see the mistakes; much more difficult to look ahead and anticipate mistakes. WE ARE PUNISHING THE VICTIM.

"God specializes
in giving people a fresh
start, as he did to
Moses, the murderer."



I would like to convey my sincere thanks to Fr. Lean Purcell, CSSR for his feedback and comment to my brief article on Pedophilia on Feb. 8, 2015 issue. That very article was written a number of years ago when an actual report of a foreign national was sued in court for molesting some children both boys and girls. He invited them to his place and gave them something to eat, took some pictures and brought them to swim in private beaches...

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Dialogue of action

"When believers come together to address common social concerns, they are engaged in this form of dialogue. Problems posed by globalization, consumerism, drug addiction, illiteracy, displacement, exploitation of people, ecological destruction are some of the issues which the dialogue of action handles,” explained...

During the Invasion of Grenada a US platoon discovered a platoon of Cuban military engineers. Despite the fact the Cubans were not actively engaged in military operations, did not fire on our troops, our troops fired on them. Several US troops were killed in the exchange. The platoon...

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