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   MARCH 23, 2014 EDITION
  Police random drug test
CRIME LAB Cinsp. Josephine Llena conducts DRUG TEST among policemen which is a big deterrent to crime while at right NAPOLCOM audits the police and their firearms in Bayawan and Tanjay Cities.

Daily checkpoints vs. tandem riders

Five checkpoints are randomly set daily with the police taking exception to the strict helmet law in favor of checking suspicious motorbike tandem riders in the wake of unsolved street killings.

True enough, just as the check points were just set up, another assassin riding in tandem struck anew in broad daylight killing a father in a neighboring town, who was fetching his twin daughters, from Bacong Elementary School.

The victim was shot four times by the suspect who was bold enough to even disembark from his motorcycle to shoot at close range. A family rift or some alleged past malfeasance was eyed as possible motive. The drug angle was unlikely, but not ruled out by investigators.

Bacong, being in close proximity of Dumaguete City has also experienced a number of shooting incident mostly blamed on the victims’ alleged ties with the underworld. But this family feud in the Bacong report needs confirmation. The victim’s wife was allegedly murdered years back.

Supt. James Goforth, Dumaguete City Chief-of-Police maintain that the checkpoints have been proven effective as evidenced by the drop in the number of shooting incidents, confiscation of illegal firearms and impounding of undocumented motorcycles some believed used in committing crimes.



DYEM Fm turns 34 on March 26th

Seven multi purpose rice and corn driers were given by the Dept of Agriculture to various farmer groups inseven municipalities in the province way back in 2006. Somehow reports say that most of these were not fully installed at all until today and are rotting somewhere in the town beneficiaries. Thus we can gleanthese were most likely put to waste. Some said these un-used equipment landed on some private hands without official confirmation.

This issue was resurrected when the NABCOR or National

Agribusiness Corporation were implicated invarious irregularities in relation to the pork barrel scam of 3 senators and 79 other congressmen one of whom was allegedly a deceased legislator from Negros.

This week, the Ombudsman is suppose to file the cases against these bogus beneficiaries. The fact remains that.sevenmulti purpose rice and corn driers worth close toa hundred thousand pesos each were delivered here, brand new and not fully operational. So huge nobody even knows where these are now. It seemed to have disappeared like Malaysia’s flight MH370. We are sure that the PAFC has still records of these arrivals.



With all due respects, we beg to admit that the tourism industry in Dumaguete City and Negros Oriental may be alive and kicking (on all sides) but sad to say, there could be much room for improvement and excellence if the stakeholders will only learn to unite as one, so that tourists from all over will also come as one, meaning, take the same basic agreed itinerary, at uniform basic Prices, plus amenities of one’s choice.

There is still a big untapped market out there who know how to wisely spend their budgets to the max, if we only have a definite set of uniform destination or itinerary, we can hope to see the day when more tourists will come in bus-loads.

Thanks to an enthusiastic governor who spent the whole morning Friday listening to the dreams of stakeholders, which was worth P111-Million for tourism development, but do not know where to get the money.

At least they have identified seven major products to develop like diving, sun and beach, cruise and nautical tours, nature adventure, educational tours, medical and sports tourism, events and conventions, among others.

We recognize the efforts of two competing private tour associations. But sad to say, they are still in the “kanya-kanya” stage where each one tries to offer a better deal to travelers who only end up being confused which one is the best itinerary. Even the supposedly uniform rates of vans and trikes from the pier or airport, are not enforced. Many drivers still try to pull a fast one on first-time visitors. So who would ever want to come back?

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