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   MARCH 31, 2013 EDITION
  How reliable are PCOS machines? These are seemingly some of the questions being asked by Diocesan Electors Board chief clergyman Julius Heruela who looks with curiosity a sample of the output of the PCOS automated election counter. He is with atty Gerome Brillantes, provincial comelec officer and some media people.  

Campaign truce for Lenten gloom

The official start of the local campaign period begins on Good Friday March 29, but it will be prudent for the candidates to postpone campaigning the next day March 30 or possibly face disqualification.

In keeping with tradition and election laws, expect a more subdued week as candidates and their propagandists, especially on radio, will try to tone down their rhetoric during the climax of the Lenten Season.

But the more, compelling reason might not be some of the candidates and their paid barkers’ piety but the provision in the Commission on Election Resolution No. 9615 which expressly prohibits direct or indirect campaigning on Maunday Thursday, Good Friday, eve of the election May 12 and on election day May 13.



Discipline, and Radio decorum

For the last 33 years, we at DYEM NEWS AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS. have always maintained an independent editorial policy.. And the nice thing about it is that the old traditional political leaders of this province and who in fact are the biggest names in politics in Negros Oriental have maintained mutual respect towards our modest network and so have we similarly reciprocated with our civilized respect for all of them.

We are talking of the grand old names in politics like the Teves clan, the Paras clan, the Macias clan, the Romeros and the Perdices clan, these names have maintained mutual, professional and civilized respect, mutual respect with us through the years and untl today.

As the president and general manager of this modest network, in fact, the pioneer FM station in Dumaguete, since we opened 33 years ago, never had we had any personal conflict with any of these grand respectable names in politics in Negros Oriental.



How nice and beneficial would it be for our community if only our candidates can deliver their platforms in a dignified manner without using other less-educated people to speak for them.

Gone are the days of serenading by proxy. We are now in cyberage. Any candidate can go on-air over the radio by cellphone, even if they are mountains away.

After all, it is the candidates who will win or lose, be seated or unseated by the people, not their barkers.

What is happening now is the opposite. It is their barkers who are exposed to the public while only a few low-ranked candidates substitute for the main eventers. Why?

Firstly, we the voters would like to know , for instance, gubernatorial , congressional, mayoral candidates and their line ups in a more up-close and personal manner. That is why we the voters would learn first-hand, whether or not they are fit to hold such public office.

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"Injustice anywhere
can be a threat to justice everywhere."


In the March 3, 2013 issue of the Negros Chronicle, the banner story “Bets air distrust on PCOS count” mentioned Prof. Leonor M. Briones, and a photo of her came along with it. The article rightly described Professor Briones as the incumbent Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of Silliman University. But she was also referred to as a candidate for party-list. Her advocacies and political activities are well-known, even long before she became a Trustee of Silliman, and so her being in our Board is not necessarily incidental to her candicacy, nor her candidacy to her being our Trustee.


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