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  Poll security focused by enforcers. SENSITIVE AREAS of Negros island region is being constantly monitored by top security forces LR: PSSupt Harris Fama, OIC PD; Negros Regional Dir PCSupt Conrado Capa ; Comelec’s Atty Eddie Aba and 79th IB comdr LTC Roderick Gacia.  
  MARCH 27, 2016 EDITION  

      Power down 26 hours Rt-way feuds blamed    

Because the land owner who claimed that his 397square-meter lot in Bagacay was not fully paid just compensation by government for the last 10 years in which the 69-kilovolt lines of the TRANSCO and NGCP traversed, he disallowed the NGCP technicians to fix the line faults in his premises causing a day-long power interruption last Sunday causing thousands of pesos in damages to business and equipment—plus the inconveniences it brought along within 26 hours.

But the nightmare is over. Power is back in most parts of Dumaguete City up to Siaton, Negros Oriental in the south at 11:02 o’clock this morning after more than 26 hours of brownout since 9:38 o’clock Sunday morning, March 20 due to the tripping of the Amlan-Siaton 69 kv line because of overgrown vegetation.

The problem would have been over in less than six hours on Sunday if not of the refusal of a land owner to allow the maintenance crew of the National Grid Corporation (NGCP) to clear the overgrown vegetation that has affected the transmission facility.

But what can the owner do, he felt neglected by TRANSCO who allegedly failed to settle a right of way problem which has been lagging for ten years now.

Owner of the land where the 69kilovolt lines of the TRANSCO and NGCP traversed...



If you listen to our candidates, local and national, their programs are very good what is wrong is that they have poor implementers. If only laws and budgets are implemented properly to the last centavo, we will have gone a long way by now.

Everybody admits that 30% of all government money goes to corruption.

Maybe we should let the private sector implement our national and local projects and budgets, thru a legislated and accredited joint private and public implementers.

If there is such a thing as a joint private-public ventures, why, there should also be a joint public- private implementing and monitoring agncy and no further release will be made if this body cannot give the go signal of joint accountability. You see, a toothless animal like COA is the only one tracing government irregularities, and is dumping it to the Ombudssman to file cases. There should be an agency that will FILE CASES OF CORRUPTION and logically, it should be COA , who should use its audit reports as evidence. Congress should now give COA that much-needed TOOTH to bite.

SUNDAY: we received several text messsges reporting that certain land owners refused to let NGCP or Transco Power Lines people enter the properties in the Bagacay where the damage to the 69kv volts was spotted. After 26 hours, of agony, thousands of elelctric consumers were relieved after a writ of possession was secured from the Courts and allowed linemen to the enter private properties where the line faults were spotted. In a few hours it was fixed.



After waiting for so long, and rearing to go, the over 700 candidates for local positions in Negros Oriental have finally gone high ball in their quest for local positions.

Contested are three congressional seats in the north, central and southern districts of Negros Oriental; the posts of governor, vice governor and city mayors of five chartered cities and 20 towns and their respective council members.

In the case of Dumaguete, the over 80,000 voters here want more tangible issues of local governance rather than the old rhetoric’s of old by-gone issues. It is because there are old fogies who in the absence of a decent income, want a come back maybe just for the P50,000 monthly stipend of councilor. Are they legislators?

The legitimate issues in Dumaguete should be the solutions to extra judicial street killings, drug trafficking, traffic congestion, uncontrolled noise pollution by noisy motorcycles, and poor garbage collection. For the first time and under this administration, the city has been full of uncollected garbage. The city now stinks in may places no longer spunky as before.

In the province, the issue is clean and honest governance and political immaturity where politics has caused so much divisiveness in the provincial board, evidenced by the failure to pass the 2016 budget.

In the congressional level, with the absence of pork barrel, at least our congressmen can perhaps hope to focus on law making rather than project-making. Our congressmen have not yet made a report on how they performed in the last congress. What laws have they passed as principal if not at least co-authors? What were they in congress for? As bill filers or errand boys for infrastructure fund releases? NO they are supposed to make laws, and have they?


Cost of discipleship: unconditional surrender;
its dividends: joy and



So how did Noah came to be admitted at the provincial jail? It was on November 08, 2014 at 5:00 p.m that the police admitted him to the prison. He was accused and found guilty of homicide. He was sentenced to serve for three (3) years and six (6) months in prison. As of this time, he has already served one (1) year and three (3) months and will be sent to the national penitentiary in Muntinlupa for the rest of his sentence. I told him that is already a short period of time and that he can manage the situation, to assure him. But along our discussion, I noticed that he was actually stronger that I thought. He wanted his children to visit him more often but he implied that he understood because of their studies. When asked about what he usually do first thing in the morning, he said that at 5:00 a.m., he always read the bible. At this point, I felt that his faith is much stronger than before. In prison, he surely became spiritual unlike most of us who very easily complain when faced with the free man’s problems like fare hike or traffic jam, no matter how small they may be. Well, we would rather be free but we sometimes fail to thank God for the freedom that we are enjoying. We should find God even in the happy times, right? We do not need to be in the dark to reach out to him up there.


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Archbishop Oscar V. Cruz, D. D. recently wwrote his re cent book on Marriage. I will share with you the high lights of this book in the succeeding issues. While it is not exactly correct to say that marriage has been a reality, “since time immemorial”, it is nevertheless more realistic to state that marriage...
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