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   MARCH 30, 2014 EDITION
  SENATOR ALAN PETER CAYETANO speaks before 2000 NORSU State University graduates held at the main campus. He spoke about wise CHOICES the graduates make for their lives. He also promised to lobby for the DOH release of P100-Million for the provincial hospital equipment.  

Terminal stakeholders want north and south

Both drivers and operators’ groups plying the new bus and jeepney terminal at the Robinsons mall compound want separate terminals for north-bound and south-bound public utility vehicles for the convenience of both the riding public and their operators.

The group of stakeholders said that for north-bound vehicles, they will consume more fuel in just going southward towards the terminal and vice versa.

Their passengers will also be inconvenienced for the latter have to flag down a tricycle just to go to the south terminal, even if they are north-bound.

Councilor JV Imbo said that in convienced the present arrangement of hosting both north and south bound jeepneys is just temporary. There is nothing final until the experiment will net positive results.

Interviewed by DYEM fm’s “Good Morning Dumaguete” talkshow, Imbo said that government has only the welfare of the people in mind. In case they have something more sensible, they are free to submit the same to the city council for possible deliberations.

Most of the transport groups are opposed to the putting up of a single terminal at Robinsons along with the imposition of P10-25 departure fee per trip. The collective sentiment was aired during the recent public hearing on the proposed ordinance establishing the Dumaguete City transport terminal.



PNP isssues guidelines on conduct at checkpoints

The image of the police as a force may be tarnished in some ways in the past because of bad eggs within the organization, but when they are tasked to implement the laws, we the citizens must give them due respect and obedience. They may be wrong, and the law may be harsh but such is the law its called duralexsidlex.

The policy of checkpoints for instance set up by the police is something that is good for the people .it is one way of deterring would be criminals and assassins whose fashion nowadays is to hire cheap assassins to shoot people who cross their paths in their vested interests. Worse they do it in the streets.

Notice the many unsolved street executions in Dumaguete of which this city is now becoming famous for. And it is embarrassing because this city used to be called a city of gentle people. WE empathizewth the mayor who has the burden of keeping the people safe thru the police who are also undermanned.

The least the police could do is to conduct check points. When crimes go up, the next thing the police will do is put up check points. Mrmarcos did that very often before.Its not something new. In short, checkpoints are legal, and well meaning. It is intended to discourage criminals from lurcking in the streets with arms.



After the party is over, comes now the more serious part which is the enactment of laws that will cover the new Bangsamoro territory which is not a separate state. And: will the Bangsamoro approve the new law in a plebiscite?

Without batting an eyelash, the biggest question lurking in the minds of both camps is: will the Bangsamoro warriors surrender all their arms and all weapons to the central government? This, knowing that a muslim’s weapon is an extension of his life. These are the highest risk factors of the Bangsamoro issue.

Last Thursday, March 27, the government of the Philippines (GPH) and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) signed the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB), supposedly ending the decades-old armed conflict in Mindanao. A thousand people, including almost 500 representatives of the MILF, attended that historic event at the Malacañang grounds.

For those not familiar with the issue, “The sealing of the comprehensive agreement is important not only for the Bangsamoro, the people of Mindanao and all other Filipino citizens who have all to gain as one country pursuing its unfinished task of nation-building.” (– Prof. Miriam Coronel-Ferrer, GPH Peace Panel chair)

What is the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro?

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"To realize we are fools is a blessing, for we can begin searching for God."


Dear Editor,

Let me refer to your Editor – Negros Chronicle March 9, 2014 = The Anti- Crime Experts.

The truth of the matter is, Davao’s Crime busting forces including the police are witnesses themselves when they catch criminals in front of their eyes, with the Prosecutors standing hand in hand together with the iron support of Mayor Duterte.

In other places, these law enforcers automatically look for witnesses even if you are killed in front of them and very seldom they find stupid ones to do it and say amen. It’s their modus operandi to get themselves out of the firing line.



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