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   MARCH 31, 2013 EDITION
  At the covenant signing candidates exchange pleasantries: Rep George Arnaiz, and Bais City Mayor Karen Villaneuva both contesting for the second congressional seat and former finance minister Gary Teves who is running for governor.  

400 bets pledge honest elections

It may be peaceful, but most of all honest elections is what 400 candidates are hoping despite threats of super money flooding the homes of poor voters in the hinterlands. So how can this election be honest?

Led by the four official candidates for governor, some 400 of the 580 candidates vying for the 277 elective positions in the Capitol, House of Representatives, cities and municipalities signed a pledge in their covenant signing last Monday March 25 , to signify their commitment for a clean, honest, accountable, meaningful and peaceful (CHAMP) elections held at the Catherina Cittadini School.

The affair, hosted by election stakeholders of the community under the Diocesan Electoral Board, intimated that more than winning, the upcoming May 2013 elections is more about safeguarding a better future of the young, the poor, the illiterate, and the vulnerable.



Limkaichong spokesperson
hired by SYSU-owned radio

Loyal and trustful spokesperson Florence Baesa of Liberal Party standard bearer Rep. Josy Sy Limkaichong is now hired by the SYSU-owned radio station which zoomed its way (in two months, whew!) like magic into Dumaguete City.

Baesa used to be a part-time newscaster in the pioneer fm station DYEM in Dumaguete until Limkaichong made an irresistible offer to her. She has also been handling the POLITICAL commentary of the Liberal Party. Rightly so, so she can be dubbed as LP party spokesperson. Congratulations! Moving over with her is her assistant , Donard Dayot, another loyal LP personality like Baesa.



Like horses released from the wild, some 600 local candidates from the congressional derby down to the gubernatorial, mayoral and council-men’s slates, they will now maximize the final 45 days given them by law in order to saturate their prospective constituencies and seek their mandate.

There are persistent reports that 2013 could yet be the most expensive elections because of the entry of rich candidates who believe that they can buy their way into public office.,’

Do you expect the biggest spenders in these elections not to make sure that they get full returns of their investments (ROI) if and if they sit into public office?

Verily, easily if this province has one billion pesos in annual budget, even ten percent of such amount could give you one hundred million easily in kickbacks. Who is the rich Woman or man who won’t go crazy with that!

So why not invest P100-miliion this election, and recover it after one gets elected, and even more. Some candidates are now engaged in color coding the voters in the hinterlands.


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