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  Summer coolant in the heart of the city. These stakeholders for the next generation are seemingly not mindful of the hot election week, but they are all enjoying the cool Olympic-size swim pool which the Capitol is opening for everybody to cool themselves this summer. This is a daily swimming spree at the Capitol Aqua Pool with a very modest swimming fee for swim lessons and scuba diving sessions.  
  MAY 01, 2016 EDITION  

      PNP foils P2M Bilibid shabu    

The drug transhipments to Dumaguete are getting bigger and bigger each day and most enforcers seem to be one step behind. But not this time.

A shabu shipment worth millions of pesos coming from the Muntinlupa new Bilibid Prison drug distribution center, would have been distributed and sold to the streets of Dumaguete, had the shipment reached its consignee, and if not for the timely police intervention.

The bagman from Bilibid prison failed to contact a certain “Sam” as the consignee so the bagman named “Gabriel” left it with a woman friend in Dumaguete who had conscience (or fear) enough to alert the police about this big drug shipment.

In the absence of the consignee, identified as a certain “Sam”, the unidentified person who personally brought the shipment from a certain “Gabriel” who is based at the National Bilibid Prisons (NBP), left the same to her...



In the not too distant past, time there was when media had to conduct the so-called “operation quick count” on election day in order to give the people a blow by blow account of how the vote counting went through the night in the precincts.

It was so fairly reliable at that time because prominent people in civic clubs like the Lions Clubs and Rotaries, and Amateur Radio clubs pluos media, were pooling their resourcers just to get the most accurate trending by midnight of election day.

Since there was only one citizens count although less accurate compared to today, at least it was honestly done, minus the hand of politics, and all the citizens wanted was to release the unofficial count to the public, just to estsablish the TREND, and in order to abort any cheating by other stakeholders, since the public already know the trend from the citizens count. And in most elections, the political parties dared not contradict the citizens count because it was most reliable , it being organized and funded by the civic sector ourselves.

Today, with the advent of cyber technology, and satellite transmissions, the reverse became true. The counting is automated, it adds up by itself, and instantly transmits results to Manila Comelec central, and within minutes, a national count is already released nationwide. So much so that people are still manually tallying municipal or city results, the Comelec count going to and from Manila has now a running sub-total, and a trend is already established before midnight, a national trend, not just local. That is how fast today’s technology is.



May 1 LABOR DAY today will be the start of the final and homestretch week for all candidates to air their final appeal to the voters for their mandate. There are over 700 local candidates here in Negros Oriental from governor, congressmen, mayors and councilors.

This comes with a double significance considering that this election week focuses on the state of the Labor force in the country. We join the Dept. of Labor and Employment in marking this significant occasion of LABOR DAY today. What we lament is that while the DOLE has laudable programs for the struggling laborer, they do not have local statistics of how DOLE has performed in terms of actual employment and non-employment even in this province.

In short, even for local consumption, we want to know (and DOLE says it doesn’t) what is the un-employment rate in Negros Oriental? In Dumaguete? What is the statistical effect of DOLE’s laudable programs. No statistics at all to show. How can that be?

ON ELECTION WEEK: So far we are appreciative of the sobriety of our local candidates because only their barkers (with hardly any credibility at all) are the noisiest yet in general our candidates are conducting their campaign in the most statesmanlike manner. It is their barkers who are mud-slinging each other, not the candidates, thank God!


The first step
to true wisdom is fear
of the Lord.



Anyone, seeing the lifeless body of a murdered woman, her throat slit, after the torture of gang rape, would be engulfed with horror and pity, and an infinite sadness at her personal fate. But not a presidential candidate, who said that the thought that came into his mind was sexual – he should have had the privilege of raping her first...

Dear Col Harris Fama,

I am formally bringing to your attention the alleged abusive conduct of s o m e 5 or 6 PNP personnel under your command. They provided escort to a cer tain Jay Mananquil, a personnel of the ENRD Division under the office of the Governor...


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Same sex marriage

Archbishop Oscar V. Cruz, D.D. shares these thoughts on Same Sex Marriage.

There is not, herein, the least improper intention entertained, much less any ill will promoted to depreciate the unfairly called “Third Sex”. Neither is there any design to cast aspersion at either male-female (“Gay”)...
Thank you Lord for the BCBP

What a wonderful, uplifting week end! Jun and I have just returned from the 36th National Anniversary Celebration, NAC36, of the BCBP, Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals, held at the IEC Pavillion in Cebu. More than 5,400 BCBP...

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