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  Congressman George Arnaiz administered the Oath taking of the newly set of officers of Federation of Dumaguete Association for Socio-Economic Development Incorporated held on April 24,2015 at the Quezon Park (right to left) Janice Anelie Aranez(President), Rosario Japon (Vice-President), Anita Lerion (Assistant Secretary), Henrita Nodado (Treasurer),Violeta Lanyohan (Auditor), Josefina Cantutay and Emilda Garcia (PRO) with Maelyne Rose Mariano(Adviser) (PIO)  
  MAY 03, 2015 EDITION  

      PNOY-Degamo meet in Bacolod    

President Aquino met with Gov Degamo in Bacolod last Thursday in what political observers describe as a historic meeting which could pave the way for definite directions for 1-Negros Island Region, and or Degamo’s political affiliation on the 2016 elections.

It was no ordinary meeting wherein the President himself gave clearance to Bacolod Gov Marañon to meet with Gov Degamo in Bacolod about the two major issues.

A third issue could be the fate of Degamo in his infamous Ombudsman encounters regarding COA disallowances in the millions of pesos both in his intelligence funds without appropriation and the calamity funds for Sendong.

Degamo was also offered the first chairmanship of the Negros Island...



Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo, whose steadfastness on executions as part of a war on drugs has strong public support, told reporters he spared Veloso because of the bigger trafficking case, but he left little doubt that she would eventually be executed.”This reprieve is not a cancellation but a postponement of execution,” he said.

“This solution is really saying let’s pursue this because maybe there’s something better we can do in really addressing the issue of drugs in Indonesia, drugs in the Philippines and even in drugs in the country where the suitcase of Mary Jane came from,” said Widodo and Philippine officials.

Veloso maintained her innocence throughout, insisting that she had been an unwitting drug mule for a Filipina employment recruiter who had promised Veloso a job and then presented her with $500, some new clothes and the black suitcase.

The alleged recruiter, Maria Cristina Sergio, denies any wrongdoing. She says she has no knowledge of the suitcase in question, or the drugs.



It was indeed divine intervention and nothing else, that ultimately stayed the execution of death row convict Mary Jane Veloso in Indonesia April 29. Technically it was because a new witness was arrested and could reverse the guilt of Mary Jane to the recruiter. But most of all, the miracle was due to PRAYERS from all over. Here, our God manifested his sovereignty and showed the whole world that of all the 9 death row convicts who walked their last mile, only us Filipinos displayed our faith and prayers, which made the difference and aside from the reprieve it could lead to condonation if not clemency for Mary Jane, and instead punish the real culprit. As the saying goes, it is justified to hang ten guilty convicts than kill one innocent person. By the looks of Mary Jane, she could not possibly know how to transact a multi million drug deal with another country. Only syndicated manipulators could use her innocence and that is not worth dying for.

Thank you Pres Widodo of Indonesia for being touched by the power of prayers, of course thru pres. Pnoy to whom we give credit for being bold enough to ask the impossible, but which was granted, because of prayers we sincerely believe. Take out the prayers worldwide among Filipinos, Mary Jane would have been history.

"Fear is self-imposed
prison that hinders
God from molding you
as He planned."


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