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   MAY 04, 2014 EDITION
  Provincial PNP Director P/Sr. Supt Mariano Natuel Jr and city chief of police P/Supt James Goforth report the crime situation in Dumaguete and province of Negros Oriental before members of the city council. They also give the city peace and order council an update of the crime situation and recommend measures how city policy makers can devise ways and means to abort the crime surge and prevent recidivists form committing the same crimes.  

Tanjay to claim P100M calamity fund

In view of the aborted billion-peso dredging project if SINO Italy at the mouth of the Tanjay river, the City Council of Tanjay is now seeking P100Milion from the provincial government as its share, for half of the alloted P199M-calamity fund released by Malacañang thru Governor Degamo a year and 8 months ago.

Sources from the TanjaySanggunian say they learned this fund has already been bidded and released by the provincial government to winning bidder Legaspi Primier Development Corp. of Albay province. This has to be officially confirmed by the capitol thru provincial treasurer Danny Mendez.

The committee on appropriations chaired by City Councilor Teopisto Calumpang is set to file a resolution tomorrow, Monday during their session seeking for its release, and or, find out its status with the capitol.

No dredging has been done at the mouth of the Tanjay river at all, Tanjay officials claim. Earlier the city of Tanjay has aborted the services of SINO Italy for such dredging because of adverse public reactions.

It was claimed that aside from dredging, a billion peso contract was set to include black sand mining which the people opposed. This led to the pull out of SINO Italy’s proposed project. It was supposed to be an exchange deal with the city.



Bohol Chronicle reaps PPI special award on 50th

On the golden anniversary of the Philippine Press Institute (PPI), we pay tribute to the strides which the Philippine community press had gone through five decades of advocacy for press freedom.

During its civic journalism awards night, our sister newspaper the Bohol Chronicle which marks its 60th year of service to community journalism on May 16, was specially awarded for “Best in reporting on Disasters.”

The citation reads:

“The Bohol Chronicle is a generally passionate newspaper, not hesitating to hold responsible government officials for any reported wrong doing . The passion translated into vivid stories during its coverage of the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that rocked Bohol and nearby areas as well as the devastation caused by super typhoon Yolanda.

“While it diligently provided readers with general pictures of the disasters, it gave space to individual stories, giving readers the human interest stories needed to get a better grasp of the disaster’s impact.

“It sought to address various issues that may cause headline panic and published stories of community and individual resilience and recovery. The Bohol Chronicle is the quintessential community paper that reports from the heart.”

Congratulations Bohol Chronicle! Its founder is the late Atty. Zoilo Dejaresco Jr. and its present editor is now Zoilo “Bingo” Dejaresco III, the son of the founder.

The Negros Chronicle was also a nominee for outstanding awards in the past years. The founder, who is a native of La LIberad, Negros Oriental, is the father of the Chronicle editor-publisher.




The declaration on May 7 of the province of Negros Oriental as a manageable conflict and development ready area is a choice which people themselves made, not by anyone, not by the military nor by government. The people made a choice. They now report crime rather than keep silent. That is a major choice.

The people manifested that they are now sick and tired of government troops chasing rebels in the mountains. Likewise, the rebels manifest that their hiding and running in circuitous battle with law enforcers is leading them nowhere, even to their lives’ deterioration.

However, everybody admits that the root causes of insurgency are still very much around before our very eyes: double standard of justice, one for the rich and one for the poor as evidenced by the proliferation of poor detainees in jail and hardly any soul of the rich are inside our jails, why?

Another root cause of rebellion is the unequal distribution of wealth. Why is there rice for the rich, and rice for the poor? Why can’t government subsidize the food imbalance? Poverty is still very much before our eyes everyday.

Third, corruption. Look at our very own legislators who rake the government coffers with billions in public funds thru PDAF. They jail a poor clerk for stealing a few thousands, but go-easy on legislative vultures who pocket people’s money in fake projects and by the billions of pesos and they still wallow in luxury and wealth? .

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