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   MAY 05, 2013 EDITION
  ELECTION PROCESS: VOTER writes his choice alone, he feeds it himself to the PCOS electronic counting machine at right. After 7pm on election day, the same machine will print out the total of all votes cast and to whom the votes went.  

PNP secures PCOS vital installations

The Philippine National Police has deployed most of the available personnel at their disposal to secure all the 1,076 Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines covering 531 polling centers across the province, plus other vital installations in order to ensure the smooth conduct of midterm elections.

Some 763, 937 registered voters will troop to the polls on May 13 to elect 12 new members of the Senate, 3 congressmen, governor, vice-governor, 10 members of the Provincial Board, mayors, vice-mayors and councilors in the 25 cities and municipalities of Negros Oriental.



Intelligence funds (P10M) privilege for public servants

It is indeed the rare and sweet privilege if you are a public servant holding the position of governor or mayor or even president because the moment the annual budget is approved, you can almost immediately order the release of millions in intelligence funds for your position’s —not sweet, but—dutiful spending.

Our provincial treasurer says that it is usual, or tradition, for the governor, even our past governors, to withdraw and order the release of all of the intelligence funds,right after the provincial board approves the same. Danny Mendez confirmed this to me Friday. He said there is nothing secret or unusual about it. All governors usually do it.

But who knows, only the guv, mayor or president, for that matter, and the COA Manila will know how he or she has actually spent it because such is the nature of intelligence funds: confi-dential.

No one is to know how the boss at capitol spent the money for spying on the enemy of the state, paying assets to gather information about criminals and lawless and even rebellious elements, and many other discretionary reasons one can think of in the pursuit of peace in the community.



Man is now subject to machine. So it’s faster than quick count? This is the third attempt to mechanize the counting of election votes not only locally but nationwide. Will the count be finally accurate this time?

With the PCOS electronic automated counting machines , there will be no more need of the old traditional “operation election quick count.” This was announced by the People’s Parish Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) which functions under the Diocesan Election Board headed by Msgr Julius Heruela, cathedral parish priest.

In three to four hours, the results should be in, at the municipal, provincial and national levels. But again, as ever, it depends on the weather and location plus, the signal.

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