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   MAY 06, 2012 EDITION
  A new tourism destination opens. The Tierra Alta Clubhouse, Aquatica Swimming Pool, and Tierra Café located in Palinpinon, Valencia, Negros Oriental formally opened to the public last Sunday, April 29, in grand inauguration rites attended by the business community in Negros Oriental, government officials, investors, and other important guests (continue reading here).


The full implementation of the Helmet Law (RA 10054) could yet suffer a major setback as the 20,000 motorcycle owners and riders, represented by 235 stakeholders, including five city legislators, filed a class suit before the Regional Trial Court last Friday, seeking the nullification of the said national law on several counts and issues of its Constitutionality.

The filing of the class suit virtually pre-empted the law's full implementation here on July 30, even as the petitioners are seeking for a preliminary injunction with prayer to make it permanent.




When Marcos declared Martial Law, he also declared the whole Philippines as a land reform area just for rice and corn. By giving rice lands to the landless, he envisioned to free the farmers from the bondage of the soil. Correct. But much went wrong with the expansion of CARP to include other products.

Very quickly, owners of vast sugarlands converted their haciendas into subdivisions, parks and cemeteries. They all wanted to evade CARP coverage. Many sugar mills closed, many also allowed their mills to rust because nobody knew the future of the sugar industry. So sugar production went sky high; we had to import sugar, some were smuggled.



The head of the Association of Barangay Councils has clarified that the seven-day trip of 94 barangay and city officials led by the city mayor and vice-mayor to Makati, Albay and Baguio cities was not a junket, nor was it a lakbay aral, but instead, it was a "travelling workshop" as what the ABC president seemed to intimate.

Hey, let's welcome home the nonjunketers, then. They are arriving today after a seven-day working break via a "travelling workshop." Welcome home hard-working people!

Make no mistake, we favor such travelling workshops to other cities because it will help widen the horizons of our barangay and city officials. They will also learn what is tourism, if they themselves become tourists in other places. Such travels, although more expensive than holding such workshops here by inviting speakers, can never be quantified in terms of the experiences gained. We just hope that they can prove and display better preparedness during disasters.


  The key to be a living witness of the gospel is to actively put our faith into action.”



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