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  Passed just on time. Authors of the muffler/silencer ordinance for all motorbike announced its passage. (RL) Kagawads Dan Leon, Lionel Banogon and Tony Remollo. The ordinance is now pending approval by the Sangguniang Panlunsod.  
  MAY 08, 2016 EDITION  

      It's voting time: to polls tomorrow    

1,284 VCMs here

Some 662, 774 registered voters will troop to 1,284 clustered precincts with an equal number of Vote Counting Machines (VCM) tomorrow, May 9, to cast their ballots for President down to the municipal councilors.

Negros Oriental Provincial Election Supervisor Atty. Lionel Marco R. Castillano urged all candidates to refrain from engaging in violence, threat and intimidation just to win. He also reminded voters to reflect who among the candidates deserve to be given the mandate to rule in the next 3 to 6 years.

Voters are set to elect the next president, vice-president, 12 new senators, party-list representatives. In Negros Oriental, 711 candidates vie for the 277 positions at stake.

Eleven candidates are running for Congressman in the three districts, prominent among them...



Regardless of the final results of the coming elections, life in this capital city of Dumaguete will continue to grind, and unless we shall have elected officials with definite PLANS AND DIRECTIONS this city will continue to move in circles without direction like the wondering Jews.

Regardless too as to who will be elected president within the next 72 hours, life in Dumaguete will either continue to remain the same, or see the light of day depending on whom we shall elect as local officials Final session of the Sanggunian last Wednesday, wherein they approved the mandated muffler ordinance. It still due for approval by the provincial board and city mayor. By then, it will be an election day over, five basic and MAJOR PROBLEMS in Dumaguete will remain unless we elect local city officials tomorrow, who can put a definite direction for Dumaguete and lead the solution of our major problems and what are these?



Even if tomorrow will be actual voting of the people’s choice, the People have long spoken in their minds, and tomorrow is just the execution of the judgement as to who will be our leaders in the next six and three years.

Within ten hours after 6pm tomorrow, Monday, election day, the nation shall have set a trend on who are going to be the winners, although in 72 hours many things can still happen. Trend is not official, but it means the general direction of the results. The officiality comes after the proclamation, subject to all avenues of protest.

But on the local scene, Dumaguete will have a new mayor before the sun rises on Tuesday, while the elected governor will set the trend by evening of Tuesday or early Wednesday.

This is how fast high technology works so much so that the instantaneous transmission of results to Manila Comelec for national candidates can even possibly overtake that of the unofficial provincial results. But then again, much depends on the overall performance of the automated voting machine whose memory card will have to automatically tally the returns on such machine in no time at all. Again, assuming that all goes well. But not all. Experience shows we have sporadic malfunctions here and there but oftentimes there is always a backup system and would not affect the overall tally.


Face the reality of the present; don’t escape to the memories of the past.



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There is not, herein, the least improper intention entertained, much less any ill will promoted to depreciate the unfairly called “Third Sex”. Neither is there any design to cast aspersion at either male-female (“Gay”)...
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Tomorrow is a day of decision. It is a time of desiring change. Tomorrow we go to the polls to elect our national and local leaders. It is a time for each of us to examine our conscience, to pray, and to vote wisely and honestly. Leaders from the different evangelical faiths and the Catholic community...

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