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   MAY 11, 2014 EDITION
  Provincial PNP Director P/Sr. Supt Mariano Natuel Jr and city chief of police P/Supt James Goforth report the crime situation in Dumaguete and province of Negros Oriental before members of the city council. They also give the city peace and order council an update of the crime situation and recommend measures how city policy makers can devise ways and means to abort the crime surge and prevent recidivists form committing the same crimes.  

No guarantee rebs won't return

There is no guarantee that the absence of a formidable insurgency organization and movement in Negros Oriental does necessarily constitute the end of rebellion in this part of the country and that “the rebels will not be coming back.”

This was disclosed by military and police officials in a press conference on Wednesday during the signing of the joint declaration that the insurgency problem in the privnce is now in manageable state and that the province is now ready for growth and further development.

Admittedly they said that the root causes of rebellion is still very much present such as double standard of justice, corruption in government, plunder, extra judicial killings, illegal gambling, and drugs which can bring people become bolder to commit further crimes.

Discontent breeds insurgency. Thanks, too, they said, that there are not much big land disputes around. Unlike in Occidental Negros.

The army headed by Brig. Gen. Francisco Patrimonio said that their units under the 302nd brigade are not about to pull out from this province. Instead, they will double their guard so that insurgency will be shielded away from the masses.



So the rebels have gone; won't they be coming back?

We should give credit to the policy of attraction instituted by both civilian and military organizations who shifted the berdugo image of the military to that of a friend and protector. This made the people in the mountains denounce the long promised “prosperity” by the communist insurgents.

But aren’t the rebels coming back yet? Most of them, although smaller in number now, have fled to the Occidental border. Remember, there is that policy of attraction, and they’re all welcome to come back and start a new and productive life, sans guns and violence.

It was columnist Kojak ( a former Green Beret in Vietnam) who asked the generals in that Thursday press conference : what makes you think the rebels will not cross the border from Occidental and come back to wholesome Negros Oriental?



There is a newly approved ordinance, and soon to be signed by the mayor, which requires that all persons driving any vehicle should make a full stop before traversing any pedestrian lane and for the pedestrians to cross upon the signal of the traffic enforcer who is manning the street. If no traffic officer, just the same, all vehicles must give way anyway, and let pedestrians cross the lane first. This is road courtesy at its highest.

Today, many Dumaguete motorbikers mostly need to be educated on this road courtesy rule. They overtake from all sides anytime at all times. This is an accident-prone habit. (What if a dog crosses which is not covered by the ordinance?)

This is a culture practice which is even true in other countries. Mind you, that in view of the great respect drivers have on pedestrians, vehicles in western countries even stop at the pedestrian lane, even if there is no pedestrian crossing—even at night. . We are a witness to this. It simply means that drivers must give way and lend respect to those who are walking and especially if they are crossing the pedestrian lane.

According to ordinance author first timer legislator councilor Lani Ramon, under the Land Transportation and Traffic Code, it is the Land Transportation Office (LTO) and its deputies who are mandated to enforce the laws concerning courtesy on road rules.

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