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   MAY 12, 2013 EDITION
  Up-to-d-minute Election Results ( The new BAI RADIO DYEM FM 96.7 will conduct a 24/7 news coverage of the 2013 elections from the voting to the counting starting tomorrow. There will be reports from the field about the conduct of the voting, and direct reports from PCOS clusters, featuring transmission highlights. (full story)  

Day of Reckoning: 763,937
voters to polls tomorrow!

About half of the 763,937 registered voters in Negros Oriental will cast their vote tomorrow May 11 in what is considered the hottest election contest in the political history of Negros Oriental.

Political kingpins have come and gone, political dynasties have dominated the political scenes , but because of the historic and major hiatus created by the deaths of two governors, Macias and Perdices, in almost rapid succession right after the 2010 elections, the mad rush to the provincial thrones have definitely altered the political playing field in this city and province.

The second district towns and three cities have the most number of voters at 285,123 registered voters followed up north by the first district with 246,673 voters and in the third district with 232,141 voters.

There will be l,076 PCOS automated counting machines distributed in clusters to 557 barangays.



“Kamang” today for tomorrow we vote

In keeping with old tradition and the Filipinos’ brand of politics – of cramming, of waiting for the last minute, and of being late, the culture of Philippine elections has been so carved that on its eve, the full force of the candidates camp will “morning the night” , meaning, burn their midnight candles and if possible visit as many voters in their houses and bring “good tidings” before they vote the next day which is tomorrow.

So, today is “kamang”-day (crawl underneath ) for tomorrow the people will go to the polls. And whatever is “transacted” the night before would seem to be controlling regardless of past commitments. But there are many exceptions.



In every Philippine election—like tomorrow’s mid term elections— the advocacy to hold clean, honest, credible and meaningful polls continues to be an elusive dream.

The partners for a dishonest elections are both the candidates and the voters themselves. Once the candidates want to corrupt the voters, and the latter consent, these two consenting adults shall have perfected the sin of electoral fraud.

Today, electoral frauds continue to get sophisticated every year. Today, the cyber net is being widely used . It was not so in 2010 as in 2013 when facebook and twitter brigades have greatly become wide disseminators of true and false information.

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