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   MAY 13, 2012 EDITION

"Handumanan" chronicles City's heritage. CHRONICLING THE CITY'S RICH HERITAGE IS "HANDUMANAN" translated as "souvenirs" of the ages past. Prominent families contribute photo collections from their ascendants and ancestors in an effort to help depict the life of the city in the past decades. This is a new feature of Sta. Cruzan festival in May. This festival is not just for the ancient religious traditions, but also aims to preserve the rich educational and cultural heritage of the city.



Land Transportation Office (LTO) provincial chief Rolando Ramos has resigned as member of the traffic management council in Dumaguete saying that he "cannot understand the politics among certain local leaders, some of whom compromise public service with their vested political interests."

Ramos claims he has repeatedly failed to convince the Traffic Management Office TMO to meet as a council to discuss urgent possibilities such as the imposition of the no-parking rule in downtown highway roads which are; Perdices, Real, Silliman Ave and the Flores Avenue.

Another is his proposal to split he 2,500 tricycles into two zones. The LTO chief believes his presence in the traffic management council is inutile because most of his recommendations to decongest traffic in the city are all pinned down. He made it clear that he is not resigning as LTO chief but as member of the traffic management council only.




As a sequel to our series on the failure of land reform under CARP, here comes the government telling farmer beneficiaries, FBs that the government will not honor any outside lease agreement between the FBs and third party lessee and would insist that the FBs are still expected to repay the government for the lands awarded to them.

As you know, lands taken by government from CARP land owners are paid in advance. The rule is that once given to the farmers, the latter are supposed to repay the government, out of the produce of the lands they till as farmer-beneficiaries.



It is a valid issue to raise questions about a certain private company doing business with the City PNP station by processing police clearance for every applicant, and for a fee of P60 per application.

If there are 2,000 applicants for police clearance, the company called Litus Software, Inc. will earn P120,000 a month or more depending on how many will apply for police clearance. This is on top of the regulatory fee of P30 per police clearance payable to the city treasurer's office for the usual use of space, electricity, etc.


  For the bureaucracy, failures need pleasing methods; success, pleasing results.”



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