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  Remollo retakes City Hall anew! ATTY. FELIPE “IPE” REMOLLO is proclaimed at City Hall as the new Dumaguete city Mayor by the board of Canvassers City Fiscal Arnel Zerna; Atty Andre Villasis, Comelec chair; and City Supt Evangel Luminarias. (Photo By Denniz Futalan)  
  MAY 15, 2016 EDITION  

      Degamo re-elected by huge landslide!    

Gov. Roel Ragay Degamo, who just turned half a century old last April 29, was given the biggest birthday bonus of his lifetime by garnering 313,703 votes in the the May 9 provincial elections making him the highest vote-getter in local election history.

His closest rival Rep George Arnaiz, after two days, conceded defeat and acknowledged the clear mandate of the people.

Arnaiz got 204,052 votes or a difference of 109,651 per records of the provincial board of canvassers.

Meanwhile, groomed to follow the footsteps of his late father Gov Dodo Macias, Dr Mark Macias, the son who is an orthopedic doctor, who was then the least interested in politics, won by virtual landslide with 266,420 votes over his cophysician rival Dr Liland Bustamante-Estacion who got 137,425 votes. Macias comes from the south, while Estacion comes from the north...



The May 9 votes of some half a million voters out of the 800k registered were expressions of their choices and feelings.

The overwhelming votes for Duterte is the expression of the unrestrained anger of the people over the PNoy administration (not to the man) about the billions of stolen plundered money of the people thru PDAF and DAP funds both by big time senators and Malacañang who were sporting the Daang Matuwid when the exact opposite was done and until now NOBODY is jailed, just detained.

Expressions of anger of the people over slow justice on the Mamasapano and Maguindanao massacres. Nobody has been jailed by the Daang Matuwid people. Nobody as in! Nobody.

People are so angry that only small fries are jailed and arrested. Nobody BIG as in BIG has been convicted and jailed, not just detained.



The 2016 poll counting of election returns was the fastest in all elections combined and as far as our memory can recall.

We have covered elections dating back to the Garcia administration (as a teen age reporter) where motorcycle runners carried election results from the farthest mountains to the canvassing center. Along the way, we have memories of violent incidents such as ambushes, ER snatchings and switching’s, kidnappings and hijackings of election returns. Sometimes, news of violent killings superseded the coverage of the results. The competition was so bitter, people sometimes decided to stay at home.

Not anymore today. Last Monday’s national and local election day was not only peaceful, the Comelec and high-tech recordings and tabulations of the results, which enabled the election count nationwide, to be over before midnight of the same day. To achieve a national count of 14Million votes by 10pm on election day is a novelty in the Philippines, although not in modern countries. Before, 12million figures would come almost two days after. We lived that day when election returns were transmitted to Manila by telegraphic Morse code, and evolved to teletype machines until crude computers appeared and finally the automated vote counting machines or VCMs which transmit data as fast if not faster than cellphone texting. And the whole nation in split seconds, gets a copy thru Comelec, the canvassers and the KBP broadcast copy for radio stations. No more time to cheat or alter figure which reaches the national canvassing center in Manila in seconds post transmission on the same day.


God’s grace is free,
but not cheap for it
demands a cross.



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