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  SOON A THING OF THE PAST? In this file photo, Provincial Administrator Atty. Richard Enojo (3rd from left) led Department Heads in defending the proposed annual executive budget before the SP members (from left) Atty. Rommel Erames, GAD Coordinator Josie Columna, Liga ng Mga Barangay President Arnie Teves, Provincial Philippine Councilors League President Chester Lim, Vice-Governor Mark Macias and Bonbon Lim.  
  MAY 17, 2015 EDITION  

      K to 12 opposed, defended here    

The K to 12 new educational curriculum for high school was defended here by stakeholders even as there continues to be a sector among parents who are opposed to it because two more years will entail time and money spent for their children’s schooling.

Under the K to 12 scheme, the child will start in Kindergarten, six years in the elementary school, plus four years in junior high school, plus two years in senior high school, that makes 12 years before a student gets to college.

Speaking at CROSS TALK over DYEM FM’S BAI RADIO, Division Supt Ssalustiano Jimenez said that the last two senior years in high school will mean a lot because majority of our high school grduatres do not proceed to college.

The two senior high school years will be skillis training intensive in cooeperation with many line agencies. This will equip the students with emplyable skills in technical vocational livelihood; sports; arts and design and academic.

Under vocation skills training for senior high include: so many employable skills as food and beverages, waiters, hotel, housekeeping, bread and pastry. Hair dressing, massaging, dress making and the so many like jobs which can be used immediately after high school...



At no time in our nation’s political history than today has an administration been perceived to be MOST SERIOUS in going after grafters in government. Here comes another COA report of P670Million in apparently stolen funds from PDAF going to the usual template of corruption: to fake NGOs and fake beneficiaries. More legislators are involved and will have to be prosecuted before the filing of certificates of candidacies in October for the May 2016 elections. Lest they get back into office.

We therefore urge the people to retain the team that is going after corrupt public officials. Even if PNOY favors his allies, at least he is starting with his political enemies. If PNOY fails to go after his corrupt allies, then the people will, eventually. But let PNOY continue his momentum of “walang corrupt” while he is still on the ground.

If we cut the umbilical cord that is going after corruption today in our government, we will never have another chance of going after the vultures who have directly impoverished this nation. And we will never be able to formulate new anti-corruption policies.

In the book of Habbakuk, God replied to the complainants not to worry because in due time, God will get back at the corrupt and violent. God is never late, the book of Habbakuk further states.



Although President Aquino was not specific about his choice for president, our fearless forecast for the presidential race of 2016 is that the Liberal administration party will proclaim Mar Roxas for president and Grace Poe for vice president or vice versa as the official tandem of the administration party but on one condition, that VP Binay will not be there to grab it. But like the weather, we can be wrong.

The Liberal party’s focus at this time is to block the candidacy of vice pres Binay for president, as they said, at all cost. Here at home, the Liberal party in Negros Oriental might face a major overhaul in order to give the local leadership a breather as to whether or not, he or she still has the support of the people. If none, then the invitation of the governor to join the Liberal party might not be a far possibility.

But let’s remember that Cong.George Arnaiz is coming back to capitol running. Being familiar with the terrain, and with a clean record, his return is awaited by many sectors.

"We are the products
of our past but we don’t
have to be its prisoners"


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