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   MAY 18, 2014 EDITION
  The 4-day Red Cross Preparedness Summer Youth Camp at Camp Lily Gamo, Sibulan will provide practical tips and actual demonstration on what to do before, during and after calamities. Photo above was taken on Red Cross Day May 8 at Quezon Park.  

Damage nil from 6.3 quake

Various disaster agencies reported no significant damages to properties and vital installations caused by the 6.3 magnitude earthquake which rocked Negros Oriental and nearby islands at 6:16PM, Thursday.

According to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, the epicenter of the earthquake occured 76 kilometers southwest of Hinoba-an, Negros Occidental. It was tectonic in origin and had a depth of 10 kilometers. No tsunami warnings were raised.

But the quake was measured at Intensity IV in Bayawan City and Basay; Intensity III in Dumaguete City, Tayasan, Jimalalud, Ayungon and Sibulan.



Our Philippine interest? Or American interest?

Look at this classic double standard of justice in our country:

The government freezes the assets of former chief justice Corona of P160 Million just like that; but — the BIR does not conduct a lifestyle check or whatever kind of check on the assets of senators and congressmen whose names are mentioned in the Napoles list, to check if their millions or billions in their bank accounts would commensurate or match to their actual declared source of income.

Of course the BIR and the government has all the prerogatives to choose their economic weapons of mass destruction on any taxpayer whose faces they don’t like.

Maybe BIR Henares does not like Pacquiao without a shave, that is why she slapped him with billions of taxes even without investigation? So why doesn’t she do the same on crook-pork-barrel-scammer legislators? Di ba double standard kini? Or tripple pa gani.

Yes, this is justice …..and it has a double standard. One for their friends, and one for their political if not personal enemies. Justice, huh.

How about you, what kind of justice do you have? One that interests you, and the other, one that would destroy your personal enemies. Hayyy, Justice.

RAM military strategist Col. Rex Robles, is right. Americans should develop and build their “Philippine bases” in Mindanao, not in Luzon.

First, Luzon, where Manila is, is the seat of power. Manila would be a sitting duck on the Chinese or north Korean missles in case of war.



And the list is getting longer and longer after each passing day.

Which means that we are dealing with a team similar to the “runaway jury” wherein the best defense is to muddle the issue and destroy the credibility of witnesses. Obviously, with so many lists now, the credibility and its authenticity will be under question. Therefore, only duly authenticated and notarized list should be accepted. No un-signed drafts.

We agree fully that only a duly signed and notarized revelation or listing of pork barrel scammers will be acceptable to the court or Senate blue ribbon committee. Lacson said that his NapoList is not signed nor verified. So it’s a scrap of paper, nothing else.

We suggest that any unsigned list will be disregarded because it will only delay and confuse court proceedings that will not accept that anyway. But to put pressure on the list-maker to have the list authenticated and notarized might be a better idea.
Before scam builder Janet Napoles went under the knife, she talked with justice Sec. Delima and supposedly “told all” for fear of being murdered while under surgery. But she survived and when she woke up, there were two more lists that are now trying to pre-empt her list of pork barrel scammers on top of those indicated at present.

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