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   MAY 19, 2013 EDITION
  Winners proclaimed. The provincial and city Election Board of Canvassers have proclaimed sure-winning candidates in the city and province, even as the final stretch of the canvassing of results is reaching the finish line.
Proclaimed Wednesday were the winners in Dumaguete city headed by reelected Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria , Vice Mayhor Woodrow Maquiling and ten city councilors-elect. Those who were proclaimed Friday afternoon were Gov-elect RoelDegame and Vice Gov-elect Mark Macias; Rep George Arnaiz and four second district board members.

Degamo, Sagar win by landslide!

It is the year of the incumbents in the provincial and capital city of Negros Oriental based on the finishing count of the 2013 midterm elections.

Consequently, the Comelec made city and provincial proclamation of winners Wednesday and Friday, respectively.

Proclaimed Friday 4:25pm were the fresh winners, Gov-elect Roel Degamo, who, as senior board member, took over the position from the late Gov Tuting Perdices who died in 2011. Degamo won with 212,252 votes.

Also proclaimed were first-timer Dr Mark Macias, an orthopedic surgeon practicing in Manila who was elected vice governor (LP) with 160,656 votes; followed by Dr Henry Sojor with 137,527 votes and Jun “Arnaiz with 119,653 votes.


  • 5KIA in poll week Army – NPAs clash
    Two army soldiers and three rebels were killed while two were also wounded in two separate encounters with suspected members of the communist New People’s Army in the hinterlands of Santa Catalina, Negros Oriental this week.
  • P406K robbery in mines & mall
    Authorities are still facing a blank wall as to the identities of the suspects who held up the
    P400,000 payrol money of the PDEP mining in Tayasan two days before the elections last Monday.
  • Finally, Mercy makes it in Bais
    After so many failed attempts to capture the city mayorship of Bais in past elections, Mercy Goñi, finally makes it to the city hall crown becoming the sugar city’s second lady mayor. She dislodged Karen Villanueva, former city mayor who ran for congress, and even her father Hector “Tata” Villaueva who ran again for mayor.
  • Significant election sidelights
    Cordova, Arbas vow to still stay vigilant, Dumaguete City Vice-Mayor Alan Gel Cordova and Councilor Joe Kenneth Arbas may have lost their respective mayoral and vice-mayoral bids, but both have underscored their desire to hold accountable those who are allegedly responsible for their electoral defeats.

Why PCOS reported faster to Manila than to locals

After so much analysis, we believe that the reason why the local PCOS count was much slower than the Manila Comelec count is that it was meant to be so.

In the final analysis, we found out that at a pre designated time of 7:30 on election night May 13, the PCOS machines will automatically shut off and automatically start sending the tabulated returns first to Manila’s National Tabulating Center and the National Transparency Server.

The reason? So that there will be no chance for the locals to snatch, tamper and even alter the returns. In a given instance, the PCOS results went straight to Manila Comelec so that the chances of altering the returns are almost nill and impossible.


This election seems to send a message to all and sundry that if our lawmakers in Congress will not pass the anti-dynasty law which is mandated by our Constitution, the people will dismantle the political dynasties themselves one by one through the ballot, as they have done in a number of political clans in the country in this year’s mid-term elections.
And which political dynasties were those that were dismantled last Monday?

These are the GARCIAs in Cebu, the VILLAFUERTEs in CamSur, the FUAs in Siquijor, the ANTONINOs in South Cotabato, the JALOSJOSes in Dipolog Zambo Norte; the TAÑADAs in Quezon; the SUMULONGs in Rizal; the DIAZes in North Samar; the VILLAROSAs in Occ. Mindoro; the TUPASes in Iloilo; the ANGARAs in Aurora Quezon among others.

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