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  Archery golds by SUHS in Palarong Pambansa. The Silliman University congratulated three archers from the High School Department after nailing a total of 11 medals in the 2016 Palarong Pambansa which happened in Albay last April 10 to 16, 2016.  
  MAY 22, 2016 EDITION  

      3 escapees killed by PNP; 1 nabbed    

Three escapees from the provincial jail who were charged with murder, one of whom was already convicted were killed in a shootout with a police posse which engaged them in hot pursuit following their daring escape from a tightly secured provincial jail, but on election day.

Killed were Richard Balasabas, Max Aspacio, and James Magdasal all indicted for murder and one already convicted. Remainig suspect Rico Bandico decided to surrender.

It was the election day May 9 when everybody was “thinking election” that the foursome bolted the jail perimeter which is right in downtown Dumaguete at the provincial capitol area.

The hot pursuit team organized by PD PSSupt Herris Fama picked PInsp Louis Lacandula, Tayasan chief of police, to lead the police hot pursuit under “Task Force Puga”...



Not even Mayor Duterte of the Philippines. He does not actually want the death penalty, it is the those violators-criminals who want death penalty! Why? Because they debirately choose and prefer to commit the crime despite the penalty, therefore, they deserve such penalty, and all for the protection of society.

Let me explain.

Nobody likes death penalty imposed. Not even the criminals, how much more the Church , the Human Rightists, nor Mayor Digong. Anybody.

Yes, a law imposing death penalty to heinous crimes like rape, drugs, murder and plunder, is only for violators. Not for the law abiding citizens.

Death Penalty law is just a DETERRENT. No penalty will be imposed upon non-violators of such laws. But those who willingly, wantonly and feloniously violate such laws, indicate that THEY WANT the death penalty imposed upon them, so be it.

It is the violators and their WILLINGNESS to commit the crime and to accept the death penalty that such be imposed. Otherwise, nobody will get the death penalty even if there is law to it. It is just a DETERRENT, meaning, it is not intended to be imposed, if nobody violates the law imposing it. Did you get what I mean?



It is exciting to wait and see the outcome and reactions of Filipinos on many drastic changes in the Filipino way of life which will soon be instituted by incoming President Mayor Rodrigo Duterte . He is a simple man with high demands of discipline. We like that. It’s about time we have such kind of leader.

Among these changes soon to be expected are:

The amendment of the Constitution to switch to the Federal form of government; the re- imposition of the death penalty on selected heinous crimes; three important cabinet posts to be headed by communist leaders in the Philippines; the death of the pedrino and palakasan system; the ban on firecrackers, the ban on liquor after midnight and the enforcement of the old curfew for minors, these are among other reforms.

But isn’t Duterte contradicting himself by appointing his close classmates and trusted allies ? Yes if you may, but what is no-no under a Digong presidency are recommendations from big shots. RRD says the application will be automatically rejected.

But in fairness, and using common sense, whom should Duterte appoint, a close trusted and long tested ally, or a stranger? The obvious choice goes without saying.


Jesus: I did not come
to bring peace but a sword (Matt 10:34)



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