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   MAY 26, 2013 EDITION
  INCUMBENTS BACK TO WORK. INCUMBENTS RETURN TO WORK after the hectic campaign. Reelected Gov. Roel Degamo and City Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria are back on the saddle at the capitol and city hall, respectively. Their terms end on June 30. The elected officials will assume the next day.  

Town "dynasties" thrive in Neg. Or

Despite decades of Constitutional prohibition, and without an enabling law passed by Congress until now, political dynasties continue to thrive both in the national and local political arenas. Here in Negros Oriental, it is conveniently thriving even in our towns and cities.

From the provincial Capitol to at least 3 towns and 2 cities from north to south, prominent local families continue to dominate the political structures of their local government communities as evidenced by the electoral victories scored in the last May 13 midterm polls.
Political dynasties are composed of two or three members of the same family or clan who are all concurrently holding elective public positions.



How Degamo made it...

First, he was already there. He was the incumbent. He claimed he was the poorest among the three candidates, but he had government resources at his legitimate command.

His family name became part of household chores. In short, he was recalled by the people everyday, as in daily. So his name stuck until election day and it worked.

This election proved one thing: if you are in touch with the common mass of people, not just on election season but in all seasons of the year, the more chances you have of winning compared to one who tried to reach out as far, but starting only on election season, not earlier.

Reelected Governor Roel Ragay Degamo, proudly waving 212,687 votes in his favor, waged his presence long, long before election season. His face was all over, on various (not boring) poses, reached the barrios, long before elections. Name a small barrio project, a tarpaulin reminds them that this guy at the capitol helped made it so.



The first real bomb blast in this city of gentle people so called, although a home-made bomb, exploded past 1a.m.–Wednesday dawn, ironically in the house, specifically on the carport of the pastor of Silliman University Church, Rev. Jonathan Pia, who until now, and not even the police could explain why they were targets.

Of course the pastor’s house along EJ Blanco extension in Daro is within the compound of his lawyer-brother-in-law who admitted , is handling a big civil case involving a large sum of money.

But outside of these raw facts, the police as of yet, are still piecing together the victims testimonies which were described initially as totally puzzling because they can think of no one who is directly or indirectly at odds with them.

The Moncadas and the Pias are among the most respected families in the neighborhood. In fact, they are also the in-laws of the Silliman University president, no less.


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"Depending on God
is not weakness; it's acknowledging His strength!"


In the two years that he was Governor after the death of Gov. Tuting Perdices, Governor Degamo visited almost all, if not all, Barangays of the province to know from the constituents themselves what their urgent needs and “priorities” were.

It was participatory democracy in action “learning from the people”. For the first time, people felt that they are “important”, that they are part of the government, that their Governor is a “common tao”, just like them, not wealthy, not a businessman, not part of a political dynasty. People were also impressed with what appeared to them as their Governor’s absolute faith and trust in God.


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