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  PNP stations braces for possible attack.Sensitive PNP stations under PD PS/Supt Harris FAma, which are prone to attacks by insurgents and lawless elements are bracing themselves by preparing for such possibility following similar attacks in the hinterlands of Negros island region.  
  MAY 29, 2016 EDITION  

      IPE-Edgar eye Dobdob landfill    

Dumaguete city mayor-elect Felipe IPE Remollo and reelected Valencia Mayor Edgar Teves have enjoined upon the possibility of acquiring a sizable portion of public land in DobDob Valencia in order to build a common sanitary landfill for both LGUs soon as their terms of office starts in July.

The long-elusive sanitary landfill is mandated by law in every local government unit in order to safeguard the environment especially those being affected by the dumping of the people’s garbage every day.

In Dumaguete, it has a garbage tonnage of 50 tons day. Presently these are being dumped in the age-old Candau-ay dumpsite which is no longer environmentally tenable because it is simply a dumpsite where environmental degradation is mounting every day.

After so many possible failed sites in Zamboanguita, Dauin or BAcong, Valencia has finally become a strong possibility because of the belief of Mayor Teves on the program...



It will be June by Wednesday, how fast time flies. It was just New Year’s day, and now we are way past half the year. Has something happened to Einstein’s matter and energy theory? Even the solar system seems to spin faster these days and so must the Milky Way!

WE would not let this pass without thanking our old guards in the out-going administrations. Local , provincial and national, —who will pass this June 30. It was a pleasure covering your tasks. Some of you did their best and some, their best was not enough. So the people chose new leaders and so, good luck to you all! No hurt feelings, it’s all in the game.

Back to business.

This one is for Digong Duterte: our jails are in a mess. He confirmed in his press cons that the country’s jails are haven of drug distributors if not users. Suprisingly, our PDEA anti-drug tasks force and their sniffing dogs, found nothing in a surprise raid in our local jails.

Did they consume and sell out for a discount all those drugs, or no supply arrived at all on raid day? What is the truth? PDEA should think and know better what time to raid.

The best way how to catch them is to plant a mole or a pseudo-prisoner inside the jail, and in one week, he will tell all. But be ready to Wisk him out of the city limits pronto.



Some municipal mayors in the farther towns do not still know how it is to be magnanimous in victory because reports from the human rights commission local headquarters say that as early as one week after elections, a number of rural houses have already complained of having their water connections cut off because they voted for the mayor who was defeated.

To these mayors concerned: why are you adding insult to injury? You have already won, and now you are not content, you still give clearance to some of your leaders to cut off the water supply of those who did not vote for you.

We know that in some towns there is that “color coding task force and the “no vote—ibot” operation. This means that the opposition’s names are given a certain color code and after elections, their water connections will be cut off.


Jesus: I did not come
to bring peace but a sword (Matt 10:34)



Let us protect the environment, and earn a little everyday.Let an ordinance be passed. For ev ery plastic bottle of water and the like we buy, we deposit a few cents say P.50 centavos. And get a refund when we return the empty bottle. This way we get our money back, protect the environment, and the store earns by reselling the bottle back to the company supplier. So easy and no sweat, but the results are a thousasnd times greater. Let the Remollo administration pass this ordinance...


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