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  Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, in his recent visit to Davao over the weekend, discusses with Mayor Rodrigo Duterte his proposed Mindanao Peace and Development Plan, which aims to create real change in the region.  

      City, capitol rush budgets    

The city and provincial governments are rushing their budgets for next year to the tune of P645Million and P2-billion respectively, the city having an edge because unlike the province, they have already gotten the approval of the city development council (CDC) who already finished conducting its annual investment planning (AIP).

Unlike the city council too, the provincial board majority is at political odds with the governor in that there is an apparent but unseen obstacle that would ensure a smooth flow of passing the “election” budget for next year 2016.

Election budgets usually are bloated budgets hoping to legally utilize quite a chunk for various government projects.

Once again the provincial board is set to hold P10Million in intelligence fund for the governor, who last year, was able to swing it by allocating the same amount for gender development which was actually channeled as intelligence fund.

Intelligence fund is non-accountable locally but with COA Manila. Local COA says the provincial capitol has utilized P10M for “intelligence fund” which was not actually appropriated in the budget but in the gender fund...



We thank the city administration for acting promptly on our editorial last week wherein we felt strongly about Dumaguete reemerging itself as another “city of mendicants” as the indigent sectors were swarming domestic and foreign tourists who were enjoying the Buglasan festival.

City administrator William Ablong took Task Force Sagarr to the front and rounded up mostly Badjaos who were extending their begging hands as if life is not well with them. Of course life is well with the Badjaos, better than a lot of poor people. We visited their lair incognito and we found out how well organized they were. It is time for them to pay taxes for their sale of precious pearls which their team dive in the Mindanao sea and sell to foreigners at a good high prices.

We hear that some barkers of candidates are starting to throw mud at each other. Well, not on Bai Radio because we choose those who go on air, the KBP accredited announcers, meaning a passer of the radio exam. People should know that those on-air personalities who are wanting in radio ethics, also suffer from credibility lack. So politicians who hire barkers who are impolite on air, will lose more votes than gain. Their radios may be on, but people don’t believe their barkers. So the candidate loses both money and votes.



Naddioisy mufflers and pestering mendicants have two things in common: they irritate the people and they are illegal. Yet they are tolerated as if nothing is happening.

For one thing, anything that annoys and irritates the senses and the peace and quiet in the community must be eliminated. Failure to do so would put the blame on the administration that has failed to check the proliferation of thousands of noisy motorycles whose silencers which are pre-installed by the factories are purposely removed just to irritate the community with intolerable noise. People must refrain from electing policymakers who cannot control motorcycle noise pollution in the city.

With noise to reach its peak at past midnight is something that puts the blame our authorities who have not been able to control this malady. It ruins the mood and ruins the day of many people. On the other hand, while we celebrate fiestas , undas and sumptuous events, the population of mendicants and beggars in the city has been increasing. As we said in the previous editorial, many tourists and visitors who wanted to enjoy the entertainment in the parks decided to go back to their hotels because of the endless pestering of mendicants.

“Face the reality
of the present; don’t
escape to the memories
of the past.”


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