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  THE OLD COCEPT OF CEMETERY which still exists in the country where bones and coffins are on top of each other, run and managed by the old Church. There is hardly any system at all. Thanks to the new generation who solved the problem without sacrificing the old culture.  

      All roads lead to cemeteries    


The Negros Oriental Provincial Police Office (NOPPO) is not taking any chances, by directing all chiefs of police in the entire province to undertake all the necessary preparations for the forthcoming celebration of Undas 2014. NOPPO provincial director PSrSupt Mariano Natu-el, jr. has raised the heightened alert status on All Saints (Nov 1) and All Souls day (Nov 2) with strict implementation of the Police Integrated Patrol System and three-tiered defense system particularly on the intelligence build up and target hardening of potential targets that include economic key points, critical infrastructures such as airports, seaports, bus terminals, cemeteries, churches among others, where people converge during the two-day celebration.

At the same time, Natu-el directed all COPs to initiate moves to increase public awareness on crime prevention as well as provide the public with public safety tips, and the establishment of Police Assistance Desk and Public Assistance Centers in all the cemeteries all over the province. He stressed threat groups, criminal elements...



While Ebola virus is spreading like wild fire in Africa and elsewhere, there’s another epidemic that has overtaken ebola in the Philippines, it is called “Ebolsa” It is now contaminating the top officialdom.

One thing nice about this Ebolsa virus is that they only victimize millionaires, and if possible, legislagtors, cabinet members, presidents, senate presidents, chief justice, and now almost hit by the virus is the vice president who is now being examined thoroughly.

Subcom Senator Peter Cayetano shoots good questions but in an arrogant manner. This will not bring him closer to the Presidency which he desperately is in a hurry inside, like the way he rattles off questions. Good, but arrogant, not gentlemanly, but hypocritical, petty and counter productive. No wonder VP Binay does not give him the honor of attending the senate hearings.

If this were a boxing match, Tony Tiu, the alleged dummy of VP Binay cleverly parrys the questions of Cayetano in a more intellectual and cultured way than Cayetano. In a split decision, we say Tiu would win. Of course we know Tiu is lying. But it’s the manner by which he cleverly parrys and answers tricky questions of Peter.

I like when Cayetano said: “so in all transactions, Binay admitted that one can never find his name there. At least Binay was finally telling the truth. Because all the names that are in the titles are indeed not his, but his dummies or former owners.”



Dumagueteños and Negrenses trooping to cemeteries this weekend to mark All Saints’ Day (yes terday) and All Souls’ Day (today) should respect the dead by observing cleanliness and their “Cem-etiquette” so they would not scatter their garbage at the graveyards of their loved ones.

This was the message from local environmental advocates who are joining the Eco Waste Coalition, all over the country to inform the public of the “10 commandments” of Cemetiquettes, or cemetery etiquette.

Observing the etiquette hopefully would lead to waste-free cemeteries at the end of the holidays. Will you be there to clean up your garbage tomorrow? If not, then please, observe cleanliness.

“Cemetiquette aims to promote environmental responsibility and commonsensical good manners in the cemeteries while avoiding bad practices that show disrespect for the dead [and] for the living.”

The slanderous tongue
kills three: the slandered,
the slanderer, and him who listens then gossips.



In last Sundays issue of the Negros Chronicle, Mr. James “Kojak” Hughes wrote about the three boys of ken and percy, who were involved in a kind of freak accident of no fault of their own.

The three boys were to meet their father, ken, in Zamboanguita, but on the way the inevitable happened while turning on the curve of the road they run smack straight towards two big cargo trucks that were side by side to each other blocking both lanes and the vehicle the three boys were in hand no way of evading the two trucks that blocked both sides of the road, then there was an impact, one boy sustained major injuries and went into coma, who eventually died this past Saturday, the 25th of October...

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Following Footprints

In comme-morating yet another age-old tradition each passing year, which is honoring our departed loved ones today, what comes to mind is the paradox of a far better way of letting someone know what and how we feel while the person still has a good command of one’s senses and faculties. Thus, the following tribute of a daughter — in the person of 2014...
“Black is beautiful”

I grew up in what many Americans call a “white bread” community. I remember the very first time I ever saw a real live black person. It was recess and more than fifty of us first graders were outside playing. Suddenly this black lady came walking by the school. Fifty white children all ran to the fence to see the lady with the black skin...

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