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  Mano-mano count
Minus the PCOS counting machine, at least warm bodies who conducted the canvass and count gave a sense of security since everybody in the barrios knew everybody including the human counters.

Incumbents sweep barangay polls

Incumbent barangay captains and their councils in general terms have found favor and satisfaction among their respective constituents in the last barangay elections on October 28 by reelecting them into office for the next three years at least.

Meeting once a month, their honoraria have also been raised satisfactorily from P9,000 to P15,000 a month depending on the size of the barangay.

In Dumaguete, 20 incumbents were reelected, four replaced with new ones and one new comer.

One incumbent barangay captain in Dumaguete and several last termer barangay kagawads were among those who failed in their reelection bid during the Oct 28 barangay election.

Bagacay incumbent punong barangay Denie Sisneros lost to returning barangay captain Vincent Perigua in a one-on-one fight while Poblacion 2, Banilad and Bantayan voted a new punong barangay.



Vote-buying still rampant;
So what can you expect?

If the big legislative alligators in imperial Manila are now stealing public money with impunity for the last ten years, what then can you expect from lowly barangay candidates who just want a chip of the big dough!

While votes in the May 13 reached as high a price as P5000 per head, (at least in Siquijor and Dipolog kono) in the barangay elections of Oct 28, votes were selling at P300 per head at least in one far-flung god- forsaken mountan barrio in the first district.

Definitely, it was also happening in the two other districts.

Don’t, misread us, but looking at the winners and losers line up , there were really good ones who lost because they didn’t have the money or refused to buy votes. There were also those who didn’t care about qualification, so long as they can buy their way to a seat in the barangay council. And sadly, most of these kind , won.



With those clear experiences during the Oct 15 earthquake in Bohol and Cebu and the Zamboanga multi million peso war freak incident, plus the last two big typhoons and the Negros earthquake, we the Filipino bosses of the President can now say: continue but prudently disburse the DAP or Disbursement Acceleration Progam because by command responsibility, the President is the overall executor of laws and therefore, should have enough ready resources at his command to meet any emergency.

It cannot be that for every emergency, the president will run to mama and ask Congressional approval to allocate and disburses big funds, like those for rehabilitation of earthquake striken areas, , typhoons, wars and other emergency needs of the Nation.

In the interest of fairplay, to call the President “porkbarrel king” is not proper because unless proven, and so far, the President has not mis-used his billions at his disposal for emergency and calamity funding. In fact he was cited for under-spending that is why the DAP was created to “ disburse accelerated programs.” But when there are signs along the way, as history will show otherwise, only then might it become proper to call him such bad name as pork barrel king.

However, the President assured the he will take care of his DAP and will hold himself and the Presidency accountable in case there are valid adverse questions on transparency.


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