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"Sitting skeleton" found by bat hunters. Pre-Halloween kalag-kalag bat hunters found a “sitting human skeleton” who died about 5years ago in the dark forest of Valencia and easily crumbled prompting police to segregate the bones (photo by Choy Gallarde).

      City probes P3M electical graft    

Not so much for helping the poor get free electrical installations, now with an aggregate usage of P3Milllion in public funds, but most of these were given to the past city administration’s political supporters to the detriment of others who supported other candidates.

To tap it all, it was not the mayor as city executive, but the vice mayor who ran for mayor (and lost) who was allegedly the approving officer of the giveaway pre-election bonanza, reports alleged.

The Blue Ribbon Committee of the Dumaguete City Council has therefore commenced, Wednesday, its investigation to the alleged anomalous doleout of electrical materials, worth P 3 million or more, for supposedly indigent constituents by the former Vice-Mayor Woodrow Maquiling Sr. without a written authority from the then mayor now Cong. Manuel Sagarbarria...




The current investigations of both the failed but still workable heavy equipment issue slammed against the Remollo administration, and the P3Million aid-for-poor in the form of free electrical installation which lasted until election season must serve as a lesson of past excesses of local governments who pride themselves as awardees of the seal of good governance from DILG.

Where they got this brand of good governance is something we has yet to be explained. But whose and what standard is that kind of good governance that is coupled with graft? We have yet to know.

For 15 years the city used the controversial equipment for public works. When election week came, suddenly the equipment were branded as a product of graft and no longer usable. When the Remollo administration took over, the said equipment suddenly became workable and usable . In fact it sped up the beach volleyball leveling work. Somebody who lied under oath is liable for perjury very soon.




It is commendable that the City Council is initiating investigations on anomalies and malpractices of the past in the hope of rectifying the excesses of local governance not only in the past but in previous administrations.

And if this city administration will also be remiss in some ways, they will also suffer the same fate after their terms shall have expired, if the next administration will be as progress-oriented as they are now.

Right from the start we knew that the heavy equipment issue was a product of political envy and intrigue in that the administrators were sustained in the end even by the higher courts.

Next we have this P3M anomaly in installing hundreds of electrical connections in poor houses but it was found out that the beneficiaries were political supporters of the past city administration in that the opposition were denied same access. Worse it was the vice mayor and not the mayor who was allegedly the star ultra vires player.



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