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  Governor Roel Degamo and Col. Dionard Carlos are inspecting the brand new Mahindra patrol jeep from DILG arrive last Sunday.  

      800,000 to vote; 52,283 delisted    

After the un-extended deadline for biometrics voters registration, the local Comelec reported an estimated 800,000 list of registered voters of which 52,283 have been delisted, meaning, stricken out from the voters list because of various reasons.

One of the most prominent reason is the failure to cast ones votes in his old precinct for the last two years and most likely reasons are: transfer of residence, death, or simply no longer interested to exercise his duty of suffrage.

Provincial and city COMELEC regsitrars Attorneys Eddie Aba and Gildo Agoncillo have just forwarded the list of updated voters to Manila and soon will get a confirmation list.

There were more first-time youth registrants than delisted ones. This was because of the renewed awareness of the youth who realize that their role during electioins is very crucial.

The reason is that they are the future leaders and staskeholder of citizenships in this country. They have the most number of youth voters all over. They can decide the fate of the nation.

In the next elections of 2016, there will again be clusters of percincts meaning, a group of precincts clustered into one. In short there will be about 1,500 cluster of precincts all...



The City Council is apparently burning its midnight candles, so to speak, in order to find a lasting and effective solution to the nagging problem of noise pollution caused by noisy motorcycles. Can they pass it before elections? We doubt seriously.

There are thousands of them roaming the city streets with unlimited peak brooming noise as if to provoke our city authorities whether or not they have enough political balls to stop them. Worse, they are at its peak noise past midnight where some go drag racing to the consternation of the insomniacs.

Proposed ordinance authors headed by Councilors Dan Leon and Lionel Banogon, ABC president, updated city residents on CROSSTALK at DYEM BAI RADIO (photo below) that they will purchase a professional sound measuring decibel instrument coming soon, so that the relative impression of “noise” by different people will be standardized. Without the decibel measuring instrument, each case could be potential trouble because “noise” is relative, depending on who is hearing.



The Comelec this week has started hearing the petitions of the first batch of over a hundred filers of certificates of candidacies for President of the Philippines, asking each one of them why they should not be declared as nuisance candidates. These people are believed by the Comelec as not having the full capacity to mount a national presidential campaign and therefore will just be a liability, if not a mockery, of the entire elecdtoral process, not to mention the waste of millions in public funds and time.

Why, whose undoing is this anyway? Why is it that there are over 130 filers of COC for president, not to mention the thousands of others in other elective positions all over the country? We still don’t know whom the Comelec will declare as nuisance candidates from Negros Oriental and its five component cities.

The one big reason is because, just about any tom dick and harry may file their COCs as long as they can read and write, be Filipinos citizenship and be resident of the place he is running. And presto anybody an run for public office. This chaos is the result of not defining the qualification of the candidates for each elective position.

“He is our PEACE.
In Jesus’ birth He
restores brokenness to wholeness.”


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