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  CARITAS-Funded houses by the Diocese of Dumaguete , built on a city-bought lot in Bajumpandan has 165 units now. Below, the Amlan Dreamland is a colorful array of GK-made houses with sweat equity of victims. P18M worth of houses and P7M worth of land development are from NHA.  

      LGUs jumpstart housing jobs, sites    

Several Local Government Unites LGUs have used their own autonomous powers and initiatives to jumpstart the relocation of victims of natural calamities in Negros Oriental because national fund releases cannot be relied upon especially when time is of the essence.

This updated awareness came in the wake of yesterday’s first anniversary of super typhoon Yolanda Nov. 8 which struck with impunity in Eastern Visayas especially Leyte, Samar and Iloilo.

The nation and the world are looking at these areas as to how much progress have been made in rehalibitation and relocation. The hard part is that relocation sites are a “must do” to those hit by storm surges.

The victims will no longer be allowed to return to those disaster-prone areas. The search for new lots for relocation comes as the most difficult part in strickenareas.

In the case of typhoon Sendong victims in NegOr, some LGUs had to resort to borrowings from government banks in order to open floodgates of national fund relelases...



The reason why PNoy cannot go and retire in peace, is because he goes out of office next year with a heavy heart, knowing that he was not able to clean up the government of corruption. Indeed, 6 years is too short for a good president and too long for a corrupt vice president. We are not saying who.

The abominable extent of the web of corruption in government has now extended some more into high positions of government, this time the office of the senate president where corruption due to the overprice of hundreds of million pesos in the construction of the Iloilo convention center has surfaced, in fact will be open for investigation because the senate president himself wants things settled once and for all, the sooner the better.

Another web of corruption has emerged in the dept of health and the health secretary is now under suspicion of corruption in that he has filed a forced leave of absence in the guise of a medical check up . But the fact is, the president asked health secretary Enrique Ona to go on leave as his performance is being evaluated. A cabinet member like the health secretary works under the pleasure of the president. And when the boss asks you to go on leave that is not a light matter. Soon heads will roll at the dept. of health .

This developed as the new web of corruption is described as diversionary tactic so as to forget the bigger corruption issue at the office of the then Makati mayor now vice president Jejomar Binay. Reports of overprice here and there keep cropping up.



THE city of Dumaguete and the province of Negros Oriental join the nation and the whole world in marking the first anniversary of the Nov.8 super typhoon Yolanda the strongest typhoon to hit planet earth which unfortunately hit the eastern Philippine provinces of Leyte, Samar and Iloilo, which are among the world’s struggling economies.

Dumaguete, Negros Oriental and the diocese of Dumaguete which were on straight path of the killer typhoon was spared when suddenly out of nowhere by mid-afternoon the typhoon deviated from its path. This was the only province we heard where the catholic bishop lead the people in prayer repeatedly aired over the radio until the typhoon deviated from its path. It could only be that God answered our prayers. Just imagine if Yolanda’s fury hit Negros Island which was right on its direct path!

This City and Provincial governments and its Catholic-Christian communities have poured separate donations to the typhoon stricken areas of Tacloban, Samar and Leyte…to the tune of an aggregate P20Million including the diocese of Dumaguete, and private schools and other organizations.

"Courts don’t
try people for their righteousness but for
their lawlessness."


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