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  Super Yolanda spares NegOr!
At the City High School Gymnasium accommodating pre-storm evacuees which reached over a thousand heads.

ZERO Casualty: Kudos!

The super typhoon Yolanda which hit land in Central Visayas last Friday, has virtually spared the province of Negors Oriental despite the fact that Neg Or was very close to the eye of the typhoon.

City Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria reported to the CHRONICLE and DYEM FM Bai Radio that the pre-storm evacuation of 4000 residents coming from 900 families speaks of the trust nd confidence of the people on those whom they elected in May.

Gov. Roel Degamo likewise said that damage to properties proivncewide were minimal thanks to the preparedness of the people and the LGUs for any forthcoming disaster.

Sagarbarria rated the city’s preparation for in-coming-disasters as 90% efficient.

The ten percent remaining, he said, was the need for more effective equipment and rescue facilities.

From a whooping 235kph winds, what arrived in Negros Oriental on a parallel area of the eye of the storm last Friday was a meager 45 kph which is drizzle category in the big screen’.

Supertyphoon “Yolanda,” one of the strongest and most devastasting storms on record, made five landfalls as it pommeled central Philippines on Friday, terrifying millions with its monster winds that ripped roofs off buildings and toppled trees, power and communication lines.



The truth “won’t” set them FREE

The golden lady in the billion peso pork barrel scam missed her chance of setting herself free by virtually not saying anything except invoke her right against self incrimination, and issued outright denials about the issues surrounding.

The truth would have set Janet Napoles free, but she chose otherwise, thus, once the truth will be revealed, it won’t anymore set her free by reason of her own choice.

Right from the beginning we opined that Napoles could just be the bag-lady. She was simply there to follow the script of the mastermind. That is why when grilled, she appeared to be telling the truth: that “hindi ko po alam.” Indeed! She was not privy to everything behind the scenes.

Which is true perhaps. IF the whole scam was a product of a super script then Napoles was just one of the lead players. Observing her, as she appeared before the Senate blue ribbon committee,it could either be that: she was bluffing, or, she simply did not know the truth.

Admittedly , she is a smart lady, full of common sense. It also reflects her lack-of (enough) education. She could not honestly answer questions which involved the nitty gritty of things. Can you imagine that she had to be told by Sen. Miriam Santiago on how to say:

“I invoke my right against self incrimination!”



The community has achieved ZERO casualty in Friday’s super storm Yolanda.

The goal to be 90% prepared paid off, in facing the worst super typhoon in the world YOLANDA packing winds of 239kilometers per hour near the center last Friday.

Although scientific forecasts already indicated a by-pass for Dumaguete and Negros Oriental, nonetheless, the opportunity was high for local officialdom and the people to prove that : if prepared, there will be very minimal damage, and hopefully zero casualty.

The massive media information and the political will of the city governmet leadership and that of the province, has resulted in ZERO casualty, except for one fisherman who refused to heed the warning and still went out to sea, and is now missing.

The 5% calamity fund for every LGU and barrio council has also given ease to immediate needs like food for the evacuees.

For the first time, 4000 warm bodies comprising of over 900 families responded to the “forced evacuation” call of the city. It is not easy to leave ones house before the storm. But they left one member to watch over their respective houses.

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