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  The controversial P100-million NOPH central block building: Nothing but 4 giant posts and a small base flooring, since DOH money is not yet spent, even bidded. DOH provinicial chief Dr. Dante Domingo points at the unfinished OPD building yonder. Only P25M from the European Union was spent here plus P3M from Sen. Pia Cayetano. Both the DOH P100M plus the proposed DBP loan of P350M are still all-talk, debate, and arguments among the provincial board. Meanwhile, poor patients are sick and dying. They are now sprawling inside the hallways of this 250-bed government hospital.  

IT’S P400 MILLION - Central block need worsens

Straight from the horse’s mouth, Dep’t of Health hospital provincial chief officer Dr. Dante Domingo confirms that the ever-growing hospital population of poor patients makes it imperative to build a central block building for them and the cost is P400 million, minus the cost of personnel and hospital equipment.

In short, even if the long-dragging controversial issue as to whether or not P100M from the DOH annually is enough or has the DOH fund to be complimented with a P350-M loan from the DBP by the provincial government for the provincial hospital, Dr. Domingo said both funds are not yet even enough to make the central block building operational. They need funds to buy equipment, otherwise, they will resort to recycling of sub-standard and old hospital equipment.




The fight was bitter (in words) and the language was close to being brutal and frank. But before the U.S. election was over last Wednesday, Manila time, the debate abruptly ended and the election smoke virtually disappeared in a zippy. Instead, people rallied for support to the reelected president of the United States, Barak Obama.

This is election civility and democracy in its highest order. We, Filipinos, proud to be the freest people in Asia and titles et cetera, have a long way to go in gaining political maturity and learning from the American way of handling elections, which we have chosen to adopt.

While yet midway in their brand of electoral count, the defeated American candidate, in front of his huge crowd of supporters, was already speaking, congratulating, and conceding defeat to the victor. It was not only Romney who did that, but all former defeated American presidentiables down the line. As if there were no pre-election squabbles, everything just returned to normal after the voting ended.



The whooping tunes of P100 million and P350 million for the construction of the central block building of the provincial hospital has sadly disunited our leaders inside the Capitol.

But surely, no one can deny by looking straight into the eye that the holding of the coming May 13 elections next year has a direct or indirect relation or interest in this gargantuan and ambitious project. Even the funding of a building intended and designed for the poorest of the poor is still being fought out by our provincial Capitol dads. We are reminded of how the Roman soldiers fought among themselves to gain the robe of Jesus in Calvary. We never knew who won the grab.

After so much debate, one sensible suggestion which rang a bell, was to simply go ahead with the construction of the central block building for the poor at the provincial hospital regardless of who will be its implementing agency: the Dep’t of Health (DOH), the Dep’t of Public Works & Highways (DPWH) or the Capitol.

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