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  Game changers: Mayor Duterte listens intently to Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano as he briefly talks about the clamor for real change in the country and that mayor duterte is the clear embodiment for change that people are longing for.  

      City alarmed by up street killings    

The Dumaguete community is alarmed by the spate of street killings following the continued proliferation and incidence of illegal drug trafficking.

One judge of the regional trial court said that this is no longer close to being tolerable, our city law enforcers must now show that they are not helpless about the situation, because criminals no longer fear the police as they shoot people even during day time and with more impunity.

Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria’s election issues hangs on the line as his administration might be branded as one that had no control over the city’s peace condition.

It has jeopardized the city’s reputation as among the best retirement places in the globe.

The city mayor reacted and went out of his way to assess the situation. He was informed by Chief of Police Col Jovy Atanacio that for this year, compared to the same period last year, the total street killings and shootings is only 30 as compared to last year’s 38. But this is still November.

No mention how many of the 30 were killed. But in Daro, in two weeks, six shooting incidents, three dead, among 8 victims , Police records show. Mostly drug-related...



The Philippines, in our helplessness, but with our international significance, is again caught in between the interests of two superpowers, namely, the US and China.

We are helpless because even as China has ignored our claims over the Spratlys in the South China Sea, we can only cry foul and go to the UN tribunal and run to Uncle Sam again for protection. but the US has other interests in China other than helping us as allies.

Our bonus is that in our eloquence on the law, we won first base in our international claim after the UN has recognized jurisdiction over the case. Not even our Asian neighbors were able to argue like the Philippines did in the UN tribunal.

THE ISSUE NOW IS: will the Supreme Court rule in favor of the constitutionality of the current EDCA or the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement with the US?

The issue lies in the fact that the Senate just voted favoring a resolution that the EDCA is a treaty, thus, it should get a Senate approval, not just the President and the US signing.

On the other hand, the Palace defends that the EDCA is not a treaty, but an executive agreement to implement the Philippine and US’ obligations under the 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty and the 1998 Visiting Forces Agreement.Thus, it does not need a Senate approval.



“Some good things never last,” so says the old song which jibes with the recent abolition by the Supreme Court of the so-called Aguinaldo Doctrine or the Doctrine of Condonation. Thanks to the Binay dismissal and suspension due to plunder which served as the “last straw that broke the camel’s back.”

In principle it looks good for years, since 1959, when any public official who is charged administratively is automatically condoned of such charges big and small if they get reelected in an election wherein the administrative case is pending, even as it does not drop the criminal aspect. The principle is: the people have “forgiven” the erring public official.

Not anymore. Last week the Supreme Court junked and abandoned the doctrine of condonation because it has no constitutional basis. So does the Local Government Code which does not say the administrative liability of a public official is extinguished by the fact of his reelection.

“Courts don’t try
people for their righteousness but for
their lawlessness”


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