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  Estologa (upper left photo) was earlier acquitted for selling shabu but this did not deter her from engaging in the illegal trade. She is now accused of being responsible for possessing P 1.4 million worth of shabu.  

      P1.4M shabu seized from Looc widow    

In one of the biggest haul of dangerous drugs to date, the Philippine National Police confiscated some 133 grams of shabu worth P 1.4 million from the residence of a 56-year-old widow in Zone 4, Looc, Dumaguete City, Thursday.

Armed with a search warrant issued by Regional Trial Court Judge Branch 39 Judge Gerardo Paguio Jr., elements from the Provincial Intelligence Branch- Special Operations Group (PIB-SOG) led by Police Sr. Insp. Jul Mahammad Jamiri and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency raided the house of Virginia D. Estologa amid reports that she has returned to the illegal drugs trade following her recent acquittal for the same offense.

Negros Oriental Police Provincial Office Director Sr. Supt. Mariano Natu-el Jr. personally witnessed the inventory of the seized items that included 22 “bultos” and several sachets of shabu, several drugs paraphernalia and cash amounting to P 13, 420.00 representing initial proceeds.

Natu-el suspected that Estologa’s residence also served as a shabu den and revealed that based on the intelligence report, the widow was entrusted to handle up to 250 grams but the bigger bulk was already sold or distributed prior to the raid...



I did not know that a few weeks ago, when I called up Sal for a usual legal consulta on local governance, it was the precise moment when his doctors told him that his liver was diagnosed with 4th stage of the big C, at the St Luke’s Medical Center.

Yet despite it being the precise moment when Sal’s or anybody’s world must have crumbled with the bad news, he was still brave enough to face the microphone even in distant Manila, to answer sensitive questions about local governance. That was our last interview with Journalist –lawyer Atty Saleto Erames.

It is at these times of trouble when we admire and pay tribute to the man who stays calm in the midst of crisis. This was not the first time that I called him up in the middle of a crisis. But many times and we always pulled through it even if we had to cut edges.

One incident that stands out was Sal’s brave stand against Martial Law. And this incident proved to be his signature that made Sal the symbol of a man of freedom and character who does not allow anyone to trample upon the rights of others.



The community acknowledges the good performance of the Sibulan Police headed by P/Insp Antonio Detuya for the speedy arrest of the suspects in the gory killing of a Silliman coed last Nov.6 inside the bedroom of her rented plush apartment past 3am.

Honestly, most people thought the case might again be archived among those “unsolved crimes” but the skeptics were wrong: the police arrested the suspects in four days after the killing. “It was all in a policeman’s day,” said Sibulan PNP chief Gentuya.

The Sibulan PNP station command was also commended by PNP provincial director Sr Supt Mariano Natuel Jr. for a professional job by the police, as against the amateurish job of the two suspects. They both left a lot of fingerprints all over the place. The suspects did not leave town so it was easier to arrest them. And their spouses were related by blood to the victim, and the father suspected them.

"Sad thing to be
Christians at supper, heathens in their
shops, and devils in
their closet."


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Investing on Children

The country celebrated National Children’s Month last October, an annual event steeped with various activities to highlight the role children play in our lives and society’s responsibility towards them. In the remembrance of this event especially by Mulat Pinoy-Kaba t a an News Network...

While I am pleased to see that Silliman hile I am pleased to see that Silliman house and not prepared or hired to kill two people, just left her tied up. Over the years I have become increasingly concerned for our university students, particularly the females. All too often they are the victims...

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