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  NOT SO BLOATED BANICA river taken during the downgrading of tropical depression Zoriada down to a low pressure area last Nov. 11. Foto by Denniz Futalan.  

LGUs' new option: water filtration

Learning from the tragic calamities of Bohol, Tacloban and Eastern Leyte towns and cities, Negros Oriental LGUs or Local Governments Units are unanimous in securing enough water supply in case of emergencies.

The LGUs noted that at the first strike of an earthquake, or typhoon, the first immediate need of man is water.

The local leaders therefore are opting to pool their resources , say, a cluster of 5 barangays who wil put up a filtration system, a practical equipment used by the Red Crosss in converting river-water to potable water.

The technology may not yet be in commercial quantitiy but the model below on page 1 can be made available by the Red Cross.

They used this unit during the aftermath of tyhphon Sendong wherein Valencia was sucked dry and the RC had to use this portable system using its own generator.



3 Traumatic typhoons plus the 7.2 earthquake

It may only have been two, but for many, there were three traumatic typhoons that happened this month of November namely the Haiyan, the Yolanda and then Zoraida.

We differentiated Hiayan and Yolanda although it was the same super typhoon because it affected us in two different ways.

Most of all, we were collateral-neighbors of that 7.2 magnitude earthquake which hit Bohol on October 28 whose trauma in motherland Bohol has not yet subsided. Only last Tuesday an intensity-5 aftershock hit Bohol and intensity-2 here in Duamaguete.

We have not even gotten over the Feb 16 Negros Oriental Earthquake of 6.9magnitude, super typhoon Yolanda multiplied its affects many times over in Tacloban . Even CNNs exclusive shots were traumatic enough for those just watching TV . How much more those who survived its onslaught.

Dumagueteños first felt the pressure compounded as the super howler was approaching and spitting spillovers towards Dumaguete and the towns and cities of this province last week. It was typhoon enough for us although we were not directly upon its path of destruction because of the pressure in the preparation for the worst, and witnessing the howler pass by.

The next typhoon was what we saw on CNN and what we did not feel here. The worst wrath a typhoon can ever smash in a fickle world. It was a display of mother nature’s wrath and path in Tacloban and other Leyte proivinces.

The next was its aftermath, a sight we only saw in Bali Indonesia and in Japan’s tsunami. What hit Tacloban and suburbs was Bal and Japan’s tsunami multiplied many times over. We cannot imagine how the Bible has prophesized future destructions forthcoming over and above what hit Tacloban.



While the need was immediate, it was humanly impossible to react appropriately to a situation such as the Yolanda aftermath because conceivably, everybody was a victim and needed help too. So who will help if everybody needs help?

Thus, only negligible few at that instant and more after eight days, could people effectively give the necessary assistance although everybody had the heart to do so.

From the outside world, the response was quick. But the delivery system was very poor because again, every native of the hit-area froze for the moment in disbelief of how it could have happened.

We in Dumaguete and unto as far as the Middle East and beyond,the world has responded with grave and genuine concern of what was left behind by the strongest typhoon the world has ever experienced, so they claim.

The people of TAcloban had every reason to get impatient and mad. Try to consider for a moment to be in their places, powerless, without food , shelter and clothing, no money, no house,most of all, no kins left behind, and they, nowhere to go, but cry in despair.

That could yet be the worse nightmare. But life must go on. It is now up to us to reach out to Tacloban and their victims with much greater concern. We in the Negros CHRONICLE and DYEM FM Bai Radio, we not only empathize with Leyteños, we have gone out of our way to send help in whatever form, and deed.

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