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  Dinky warns LGUs: Don’t mess with 4Ps! Mayor Bentham dela Cruz of Amlan, Governor Degamo, DSWD
Sec Dinky Soliman and Sibulan Mayor Marcela Bartoces signing MOA as 4Ps latest LGU entry.

Mayors to boycott PDC Nov. 23 meet if pre-talks fail

At least ten mayors are expected to boycott this week’s Provincial Development Council full-body meeting slated on November 23, if the governor misses or fails to sit down with them for a clarificatory dialogue on the alleged unfair handling of the implementation of projects funded by the 20% Development Fund of the previous years.

Amlan Mayor Bentham Dela Cruz said that ten mayors, who attended the League of Mayors meeting at Antulang, last Wednesday, decided through a resolution to ask the governor first for a dialogue to thresh out their concerns ostensibly as a pre-condition for their attendance in the PDC meeting.




The ABC Learning Center, which has pioneered the Early Childhood school concept in Dumaguete and this province, marked its silver jubilee or 25 years of service last Friday with a big bang at the Freedom Park.

Congratulations to the pioneers and founders: Mr and Mrs Len and Wiv Sicat, and now their new Tanjay director and daughter Ms Lea Sicat. We still recall when the couple shared their dreams of putting up the first early childhood school 25 years ago. We said: By all means, go ahead! And now, the rest is history.

Their dedication and steadfastness in facing and overcoming the challenges of early childhood school management has now reaped much blessings.

Look how ABC Learning Center has grown from a rented shack to full blown concrete buildings and gymnasium with a big branch in Tanjay City.



In this coming elections, the people’s concern for political harmony and maturity among those to be elected into office is very much an issue.

Right now, we see political discord and disunity among mayors, Sangguniang, local legislators , and the governor including all its aspirants into an office. We appeal for unity . For the sake of the people.

We say, this province today is without an elected leader. Of course we have a governor who merely took over the position and that of his vice governor who both died in very close succession. That is the reason for all these sudden rise of political aspirants: the province is without a leader. Everybody wants to have his own place under the sun. So what can you expect. The governor is not respected by most board members and even many mayors. We cannot blame the governor who is doing his best because he is a mere holdover. That is why it is best for each aspirant to prove himself worthy, rather than prove all his opponents unworthy. We urge them to stop hiring negative propagandists who simply self-destruct their bosses at the end of the line.

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