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PDAF-scrap lauded here

The recent abolition of the congressional pork barrel under the “Priority Development Fund” (PDAF) by a Supreme Court decision, has been both lauded and doubted by local leaders and stakeholders in the community.

Lauded in the sense that finally the legislators, whose main job is to craft laws of the land and of their districts, will no longer be allowed to poke their fingers on any Priority Development Assistance Fund or PDAF also otherwise known as pork barrel.

This is because the Supreme Court has declared the PDAF unconstitutional because it is the job of the executive department to implement which program to fund as priority, not the legislators.

What was happening was that ,in name—the legislators “recommend” which projects to undertake and let the line agencies proceed. However, in reality, that” recommend” was the command of the legislator under pain of line agencies to be under congressional investigation in any way. That is why most legislators have their way of “dictating” which project they want funded, in the guise of “recommending” the same to the agencies.



No reason to be lavish this fiesta

In THE MIDST OF TRAGEDIES UNPRECEDENTED, we people of Dumaguete cannot afford to celebrate this fiesta days (Nov. 24 and 25) in a lavish manner , but simply to engage in simple fellowships and religious services.

Nov. 24 today is the 65th charter day of Dumaguete while tomorrow Nov. 25 is the feast of the city’s patron saint St. Catherine of Alexandria.

Be that as it may, the city mayor was withot notice from many city residents that we make our fiesta celebration somber and simple. But alook around, ask RR Maquiling how much is the city spending for the fiesta celbraststions. You might be shocked!

Parhaps if people have to do celebration, what others can do is cancel their celebrations, and instead go out with some friends and visit one who is celebrating. This way, we can channel our unused money to the Yolanda victims. Celebratioin in fellowship is not bad. What is bad is ostentatious and lavish celebrations on a fiesta which is ladedwith tragedies like two earthquakes, and three typhoons. We are even burying our very own archbishop OnesimoGordoncillo today who died last week in Capiz where he , even if he is a native of Jimalalud, and our own former bishop of the diocese of Dumagutete.




With the abolition of the PDAF by the Supreme Court, and whose funds are to be absorbed into the budgets of national agencies, it might well serve the people in the provinces if these PDAF funds will be pro-ratedly allocated to the LGUs as national assistance, and let the LGUs serve the needs of their constituents without seeking further assistance from Manila anymore. This is called local autonomy, or devolution of services.

For it would seem that what is being worried about the PDAF’s abolition are scholarships and medical assistance to the poor by congressmen. This is repeated over and over again by overzealous solons.

But In reality, scholarships and medical help are political gimmicks if only to draw the whole family’s votes of utangnaloob, for the congressman and his allies, during elections.

The job of the congressman is to make laws, not give scholarships and medical assistance. Such is the job of the Dept of Education and the Dept of Health.

Let these two departments handle this with the absorbed PDAF funds for scholarships and medicine… and that should solve the problem and make the playing field level.

What is not being solved is how the congressman can get votes in the future, without the PDAF funds; if he can no longer extend scholarships for the family’s children and medicine assistance.

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